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We go deep into anything that concerns dogs

Dogs are just as fun and happy to be around as they are in the movies. But what these movies and shows won’t tell you is how to properly take care of them – it’s actually not as straightforward as most think it is!

The internet is nearly everyone’s first go-to when encountering a problem. We search for tutorials, hacks, and a plethora of other inquiries. This applies even more so when it comes to dogs. They’re very much different from us so we have little to no idea what they’re going through and how their mind and bodies work. 

Dog Treat Web makes things easier for you. We go deep into anything that concerns dogs. Our main goal is to guide you in making all the right decisions regarding your furbabies. Don’t know how to brush a dog’s teeth? Looking for the best dog food for your fur baby? Unsure if an ingredient is for them to eat? We’ve got all of that covered and more! Our research tackles how-to’s, practical tips, fun facts, ultimate guides, and the like! 

It’s Dog Treat Web’s mission that every dog parent will be able to create and foster a healthy home for themselves and their dog, together! We strive to provide expert and credible content to ensure maximum safety for you and your dog, from real-life advice to scientific research. 

As dog lovers like you are, we are here with you on the journey to giving your dog the love and attention they deserve! 

Meet Our Team

Karen Winstead

Karen is a writer, coffee enthusiast, and a certified dog lover. She currently lives with three adorable puppies and has them for inspiration to continue to write about what every dog owner needs to be educated on.

Samantha Smith

Sam likes to take long walks at the beach – with her dog, Tammy! They’ve had a wonderful bond together for ten years and counting. She also goes to many adoption centres and clinics to help out and also learn as much as she can.

Kyle Lawrence

Kyle is proof that you don’t need to have a dog to love them – he doesn’t have one and still writes about them! He recognizes that there’s a lot that people need to know everything about dogs so he does everything he can – he immerses, does a lot of research, and writes!