You Better Not Be Lying

You Better Not Be Lying

I’mma be up front and honest. There are times when I give my dogs treats which aren’t Jones Natural Chews. There are extenuating circumstances, people! When someone hand-makes cookies for dogs and gives me some. Or when I’m at a conference and come home with a bag full of goodies which everyone was given (though I tend to give most of those away). When … I can’t think of any other times. And the truth is, my four dogs rarely touch those treats. They turn their noses up at most treats which aren’t Jones Natural Chews. Spoiled brats that they are. Today you’ll see photographic evidence that they’re spoiled brats, with my “You better not be lying” montage. Dogs don’t lie. Moms do, but dogs don’t, so they don’t understand when it happens.

Jones Natural Chews? You better not be lying.

I swear, this little guy, Chewy, is the most expressive of my dogs. And he does NOT tolerate lies from mama. Don’t be lying to him about his treats. Especially if they’re not Jones Natural Chews.

Picky dog only likes Jones Natural Chews

Gadget is my pickiest dog. You know how some dogs will scarf down whatever is put in front of their nose? And other dogs will take a treat, then decide whether or not to eat it? Gadget sniffs long and hard before even opening his mouth to take a treat. Unless it’s Jones. Then it’s gone.

The Old Man knows when you're lying

Flash, my Old Man (he’s nearly 14), knows when you’re lying. But he’s also the dog who’ll eat anything. ANYTHING. Especially if it means keeping it out of the mouths of those young whippersnappers above. That said, given the choice between a Jones Natural Chew and any other treat, he chooses Jones every time. Because he knows. Dogs know the difference. All natural, all USA grown and produced, almost entirely meat – Jones will always win.

Jones Natural Chews? You better not be lying.

Patches, my princess, would rather be outside than anything in the world. The only exception is hearing the word Treat. She still, at nearly 14, will come running when she hears that word. Well, she trots, now, instead of running. I miss her long, happy lope. But you better not be lying about that treat being a Jones Natural Chew. She knows. Oh, she knows.

Today’s the last day I’ll be spreading the good chews about the Hoof giveaway. Your dog knows that it’s the best treat around, and your dog wants it. The giveaway ends this weekend, so jump on the bandwagon, click on this sentence, and be taken to the giveaway post to enter to win! It’ll make your dog smile. Naturally. And next week we’ll have an all NEW giveaway.

Until I write again …


8 thoughts on “You Better Not Be Lying

  1. I’m the picky one at my house, but so far I’ve never turned down anything from JNC. We are enjoying our “goodie box” contents. Stay tuned next week to see what we really think. I’ve decided I actually like fresh hooves, so we are having some hoof wars around here.
    Emma recently posted..Does Your Dog Need A Dog Chiropractor?My Profile

  2. So, truth time. I hoard Jones Natural Chews for the winter. I have tons of them that I’ve purchased and that you’ve sent to me and now I give them to the dogs on crappy days to occupy their time.

    I have a problem.

  3. With two dogs thriving at nearly 14 years old, we’re thinking that those all natural Jones Chews are pretty darn good for them too then!

  4. Haha never substitute for the good stuff. I also wanted to thank you and Jines for the great treats for the brown dawgs. They have been deprived though because I have been holding back so I can get pics for the blog….lol. The weather is not cooperating though. Stinky winter.
    2 Brown Dawgs recently posted..Making Winter Fun!My Profile

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