Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here

Seriously. I wish you were here. I’m representing Jones Natural Chews from sunny Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. I so very much wish you were here at BlogPaws. All of you. But since you aren’t we’re going to pretend it’s Wednesday again and go with photos. Two reasons – I’m already exhausted, and I need to hit the ground running in about five minutes.

Gunny the Boston Terrier at BlogPaws 2017 - wish you were here!
Gunny had a few CBD cookies to keep him from barking at other dogs. They work pretty darn well.

Karen, Louie’s mom (The French Dog Boutique) and I ran around half the day before the evening reception. We met one of our very first blogging friends down the road. We all got too much sun and laughed enough for months. The dogs frolicked. I sure wish you were here. You would have laughed, too.

Gunny and Louie the French Dog - wish you were here!
It’s hot in South Carolina

Then Louie the French Dog and Gunny the Boston Terrier played hard. Gunny is young. I had to play fetch with him for an hour so he’d sleep. I REALLY wish you were here. He needs another buddy.

Gunny only thinks he's worn out

I do miss my roommate from last night, Emmy the Pet Sitter. I’m thinking her cute little Snowe misses me tonight.

Snowe the Hamster at BlogPaws 2017 wishes you were here


Since you’re NOT here, pop over and enter the giveaway, will ya? We’re giving away a Jones Natural Chews Spring Fling, which is a flying disk filled with Jones chews! Your dog will love it. Just click this sentence, a new window will open, comment, then click the box and click I Commented. That’s it. Easy. Your dog will thank you. I’m thanking you in advance.

And my time is up! Wish you were here! I’ll be updating again tomorrow, but keep an eye on the Instagram account, @JonesChews, to see what we’re doing during the day!

Spreading the good chews …


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  1. dont wear yourself out, be sure to get plenty of rest and eat healthy. you still need to take care of yourself. have a wonderful time. it is a beautiful area.

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