Where Treats Come From

Where Treats Come From

Where Treats Come From

I visited the Jones Natural Chews headquarters last week and the owner took me to see where treats come from. Prepare yourselves. This month we’ve talked about the Pumpers, which are pig hearts, and the Dino Bones, which are cow leg bones. This post is gently recycled, but oh! I had such a great time on this road trip! Back to the farm is certainly a lively lesson in where treats come from!


Let’s look at where the Pumpers come from. Pig hearts are a rich treat, great for dogs of all sizes, but meant to be consumed in small quantities by toy and small dogs.

Pumpers come from healthy pigs
We took a trip to the county fair to see where treats come from. Pumpers are pig hearts. Pigs are massive creatures and Jones uses quite a bit of the pig for treats, including, skin, ears and chin. This nekkid pig, however, was heading elsewhere after the fair.

A county fair is a wonder to behold. If there’s one happening near you, I urge you to go, since August is typically county fair month. The animals, the rides, the fair food, 4H for the kids – it’s an experience. I believe it’s good to know where our food comes from, how it’s handled and raised, the care that goes into bringing it up. Jones doesn’t get their meat from county fairs, but it was interesting to see the animals up close and personal, their sheer size and smell. To know where the treats come from is to be an educated consumer.

Dino Bones

Dino Bones are cow leg bones. These are great for medium to large dogs for gnawing and dental health. Jones leaves the meaty bits on the bones, which makes a lot of dogs salivate. Mmmm! As always, monitor your dog’s chewing habits. And where do we find the Dino Bones?

Dino Bones come from real cows
Dino Bones come from American cows. They’re a single ingredient treat, processed in Illinois. Yes, they come from real cows. Naturally.

I get asked where treats come from. Why, they come from real animals, like cows and pigs. They all come from American animals and farms. One hundred percent of Jones ingredients are from USA farms, always. And 100% of Jones ingredients are all natural, meaning NO artificial ingredients. If you were wondering where treats come from, now you know.

County Fair

We enjoyed our time at the Boone County fair. Fred and Bessie renewed their vows. We like to believe that the cows are married before they make little cows.

Renewing their vows before a minion of the cloth
Dino Bones come from cow legs, yes. And cows have to reproduce to keep making the treats. But we make sure they’re married before they make more. 😉 Fred and Bessie renewed their vows before this minon of the tie dyed cloth. It was touching.

We know that Jones livestock are well fed. Um, I’m not so sure about Fred and Bessie, though.

Well fed cows are happy cows, right?
Bad cows! This is junk food! But I suppose, just this once, since we’re at the county fair …

A good time was had by all. And much junk food was had by all. My favorite is always the funnel cake.


I know it’s not fair season (dang it!), but it is love season. And we at Jones Natural Chews love to give away treats! Right now we’re giving away the ultimate Valentine, the Pumper! That’s right – one lucky dog will win a pork heart of its very own! To enter to win, simply click this sentence and read to the bottom of the post, then follow the instructions. Tweeting about the contest daily greatly enhances your chances of winning! Well, what are you waiting for?

Spreading the good chews …


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