Wheezer Stick Giveaway

Wheezer Stick Giveaway

Wheezer Stick Giveaway

Today’s Wheezer Stick Giveaway post is gently recycled. I’m nearly at the point where I can start photographing dogs and treats again. I think. So we should be back up and running with new photos and such in January. But this is a legitimate giveaway, in real time, so enter below to win!

Happy Giveaway Tuesday! This month’s feature is the Wheezer Stick from Jones Natural Chews. Many of y’all are familiar with the Windee? This treat is similar, but different.

Wheezer Stick - esophagus
The Wheezer Stick from Jones Natural Chews comes singly wrapped.

I was hanging out in the Jones office a few weeks ago, and Suzy took me out to the show room floor to “shop” for treats. Sitting in a display box, there was a treat I couldn’t recall ever having seen. The Wheezer Stick.

This treat, the Wheezer Stick, is the esophagus, versus the trachea of the Windee. One is the food tube, the other the breathing tube.

What is a Wheezer?

I grabbed several. And why not? They looked yummy! But only yesterday did I actually unwrap one and see up close its lure as an all natural treat from Jones. First we’ll cover what Jones says about the Wheezer Stick.

The Wheezer Stick is an all natural treat made out of a beef esophagus. This is a light weight, wonderful reward for a well deserving dog. As always, all Jones products are 100% grown and made in the USA. 6″ long.

The Wheezer Stick is beef. Just that – beef. No other ingredients. And the cows they come from are USA cows. What do I like about the Wheezer Stick as a treat for dogs? I love this:

Crazy Lab/Heeler
Meet Mocha, a Lab/Heeler mix. She goes CRAZY for the Wheezer Stick.

I also love this:

Broken Wheezer Stick
The Wheezer Stick breaks easily into smaller pieces, making it ideal for any size dog.

For those of you watching your dog’s waistline, here’s the important info:

Crude Protein min 60%; Crude Fat min 4%; Crude Fiber max 3%: Moisture Max 10%

I just love Jones Natural Chews. Nothing but the essentials. Now! Two things. First, what you need to know about treats in general, and second, the giveaway.

What You Need to Know

First! Treats are like dessert for dogs.

Blue Velvet and Carrot
These are funnel cakes. Dogs shouldn’t eat funnel cakes. Dogs should eat Wheezer Sticks.

Know your dog, just like you’d know your child. Know how much to give your dog. With a tiny dog, like a Pomeranian or Maltese, I’d break off a small piece of the Wheezer Stick and that would be all I’d give that dog as a treat. Why? Because I don’t treat dogs with empty stomachs, just like I don’t give a toddler a cupcake before supper. And I give dogs treat amounts appropriate for their size.

But for a larger dog, like Miss Mocha, I’d give her a larger piece of the Wheezer Stick. She’s still a growing pup, but she’s at least three times the size of a Maltese. And for a puppy, the broken off pieces are great for teaching or reinforcing commands.

A Lab/Heeler pup and her boy
Yeah. Mocha is MUCH bigger than a Maltese. And she obviously makes her boy very happy.


Now! The giveaway part! We’ll be giving away a Wheezer Stick to one of the lucky commenters or tweeters here! The rules are:

  • Must be a US resident
  • Must comment on or before midnight on Christmas Day, 2016
  • Must have some link back to an email or a blog so I can contact you
  • Must respond to your win within one week, or the Random Number Generator chooses another winner

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Got it? Now GO! Leave a comment! Use the Rafflecopter. It will make your dog smile.

Spreading the good chews …


22 thoughts on “Wheezer Stick Giveaway

  1. I’m sure my boys would love this! I keep the variety bag of jones chews in a bottom cabinet and the other day I opened it to get something and I turned around a saw Frankie walking very quietly and slowly with the whole jones bag hanging from his mouth! What a little sneaky thief! It almost looked like he was trying to be quiet LOL!

  2. I don’t think it’s possible for there to be a product from Jones Natural Chews that the fluffies wouldn’t go nuts for. This looks like the pyrfect high value reward for our CGC training!

  3. Mocha likes both…indoors with her people or outside smelling everything….and terrorizing squirrels. She would love a Wheezer stick! Thank you for using her pics! Wow, how her and Adan have changed since then. She is now 56# and Adan definitely a teenager!

  4. my girls are indoor dogs, but they love to go out on the deck to play and they love to go for runs in the yard.

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