Wheezer Stick, Beef Esophagus

Wheezer Stick, Beef Esophagus

Wheezer Stick, Beef Esophagus

Yes! The Wheezer Stick from Jones is a beef esophagus!

Wheezer Stick beef esophagus from Jones Natural Chews
That’s right! The Wheezer Stick from Jones is a beef esophagus! The food tube in a cow. Yumm-o! Dogs go nuts for this, and it smells like beef jerky! I was tempted to lick it and see if it also tasted like beef jerky.

Why Your Dogs Will Love This Treat

Jones Natural Chews‘ beef esophagus is the real deal. It’s 100% grown in the USA, a single ingredient treat, all natural. How much more all natural can a treat be? It’s just the esophagus from a cow! I swear, it smells like high-end beef jerky. If the dogs hadn’t already consumed them …

Waiting on a Wheezer Stick
Chewy wants these Wheezer Sticks SO BADLY. The smell is enticing. Y’all, I love that Jones doesn’t have to add anything to their treats to make them smell good to dogs. They already smell like meat because they ARE meat.

What Chewy doesn’t know, in the above photo, is that he’s not going to get a Wheezer Stick. I only had two left, and I have three dogs. So what’s a mom to do? I tried tearing one of the beef esophagus (esophagi?) in half, but it doesn’t work very well. Flash and Patches were happy about that. More for them. But poor little Chewy?

Waiting patiently for a treat ...
Sit! Stay! Flash and Patches wait patiently for their Wheezer Sticks. Beef esophagus is their favorite. Today, anyway.
OM NOM NOM! Wheezer Stick!
Hey! How come Flash gets a Wheezer Stick and Chewy doesn’t? That’s not fair!
Beef Liver Taffy for the little dog
Wait … what? What’s Chewy eating? Is that a Wheezer Stick? No? It looks like … it is! It’s a Beef Liver Taffy!

The Wheezer Stick is a magnificent treat that any dog would love. It’s designed for dogs of any size. Not too hard to chew. Not easily gulped (six inches long). One ingredient – the beef esophagus. It’s amazing. And I’m thinking it would have taken Chewy a few minutes to get through, him being a small dog and all (he’s 12 pounds now). But he got a Beef Liver Taffy instead, and didn’t mind a bit. So long as he’s getting treats, this Affenpinscher mutt is a happy dog.


And you’re in luck! Jones is hosting a Wheezer giveaway and some lucky dog will get one! Not that you have to wait or anything. You could run out and buy Wheezers and Beef Liver Taffy right now, making your dog smile. But you can also enter to win! Just click this sentence and scroll down in the new post to see the entry form. It’s easy. And tweeting daily increases your chances of winning!

Now go take on your day! Make it count. Be the best you you can be. Give your dog a Jones Natural Chew. Watch it smile. You’ll be glad you did.

Finishing up a Jones chew
Chewy smiles all day long. I think he’s Jones’ biggest fan! This little dog will do any trick in the book for a Jones treat.

Spreading the good chews …


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