What to Look For In a Dog Treat

What to Look For In a Dog Treat

What to Look For in a Dog Treat

If you use the search bar on the right side, you can search for nearly every treat which Jones Natural Chews carries (we have just a handful yet to cover). But do you know what to look for in a dog treat, to find the right treat for your dog or any dog?

Made in America

Dog treats are a pretty subjective thing, but there are some basic guidelines, I think, of what to look for in a dog treat. First would be this seal:

Made in the USA
Made in America.

Every single treat that Jones Natural Chews sells is both sourced (grown) and produced in the USA. Being made in America is a big deal, given the number of dogs who’ve gotten sick and died from eating treats made in China or other places far away. American cows, venison, pork, etc – all from American farms, all baked and packaged in Rockford, IL (for Jones). More and more, quality dog treats are being made in America, and that’s a fantastic trend. Our friends at SMARTCOOKEE sell all-American treats and we love them for it.

All Natural

All natural is definitely an important thing to look for in a dog treat. Like giving treats to our children, we want to give our dogs the best, and all natural is certainly one quality which factors in to being the best. Jones, as do some other dog treat companies, only makes treats with all natural ingredients, meaning there’s nothing artificial in the treats. Everything is from plants or animals, not created in a lab.

Take a minute, next time you’re at the grocery store, to read the ingredient list on a box of dog biscuits. Then read the ingredient list on a bag of bacon flavored dog treats. Then put them down and walk away. Seriously? Half the ingredients can’t even be pronounced by the average shopper, much less understood – what are those things?! With an all natural treat like Jones Natural Chews, at least you know what your dog is eating.

Fine treats for good dogs
Fine treats for good dogs

Fewer Ingredients Make for a Better Treat

Fewer ingredients make for a better treat. Jones Natural Chews creates mostly single ingredient treats, which makes for the best dog treats, in my opinion. Coming from a long line of butchers, the Jones family knows meat, so that’s what they make and sell. Do what you know, right? And they do it well. but the fewer ingredients reason crosses treat platforms. What to look for in a dog treat counts for both meat treats and cookies (again, like SMARTCOOKEE). Less than ten is a great rule of thumb when you’re looking at treats.

Once more, read the ingredient lists on the grocery store dog biscuits, as well as the meaty bacon flavor treats. How many ingredients are there? Now head to your local dog boutique or feed store and grab a Jones Natural Chew. What’s it made of? You won’t find more than ten ingredients in any of their treats. Well, I think the Rollers might have eleven ingredients.


Like we talked about, there are cookie treats on the market which are high quality, but I love the meat treats for my dogs, so I’m adding it to what to look for in a dog treat. The difference between a cookie treat and a meat treat is the main ingredient in the treat. When you’re looking at the list for cookies, a grain will usually be the main, or first, ingredient. This isn’t a bad thing at all. Cookie treats are easy enough to carry in your pocket. But in a meat treat, a meat will be the first, or main, ingredient. Like the Woofer from Jones. Or the one inch Windee Rings. Or the Candy Cane pizzles. All of these are single ingredient meat treats, easy to carry, great for all size dogs.

All three of the above mentioned treats are single ingredient treats (all beef), and are easy enough to carry with you as a reward, or to keep your dog occupied in a busy or stressful situation. Or just because.

While we’re on it, let’s look at the ingredient list for an easy to carry meat treat from Jones Natural Chews, one with a lot of ingredients for a Jones treat, the Lamb Rocky’s Roller.

  • lamb
  • lamb lung
  • rye flour
  • glycerin
  • brown sugar
  • salt
  • liquid smoke flavoring
  • natural mixed tocopherols (preservative)
  • rosemary extract
  • collagen casing

Most Jones treats don’t have this many ingredients, but I think you’ll agree, after picking up a grocery store dog treat, that this is next to nothing. Our current giveaway treat, the Woofer, has one ingredient. Ground beef, which makes dogs drool and beg. And smile.

So! Those are my four criteria for what to look for in a dog treat! To sum up:

  1. Made in America
  2. All natural
  3. Fewer ingredients
  4. Meat


If you’d like a chance to win your own dog treat meeting all of these points, today’s post is also a giveaway!! Our last giveaway was the Frank n Woofer, the Jones version of a hot dog and bun. Because Independence Day is next week, this giveaway is our Woofer, a hamburger for dogs! It’s literally just a ground beef hamburger patty baked to perfection. It’ll make your dog smile. Naturally. Enter below! All you have to do is comment and click, but tweets tend to win!

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Spreading the good chews …


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  1. i look at the ingredients and where they come from, no added salt, sugar, nothing i dont know what it is, no gluten, no fillers, the less the better,

  2. Gee, I love so many combinations of things on my burgers. Mushroom and Swiss cheese. Lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup, and Miracle Whip (no mayo for me). I also love a slice of pineapple and some teriyaki sauce for an island taste. SO many possibilities!

  3. I like onion and pickles on my burger. Two things that I will not get my dogs to eat since they are bad for them.

  4. I don’t know pickles are technically bad for dogs. But because they are so salty that’s why I void giving them to my dogs.

  5. i dont eat red meat. i will eat a turkey burger, with lettuce, tomatoes, low fat cheese, pickles. however, my dogs love red meat.

  6. Anything and everything! Haha but typically cheddar cheese, bacon, pickles, onions, lettuce, and condiments!

  7. Coco sez that she LOVES BURGERS and loves cheese on them! I like lettuce, tomato, pickles and ketchup on mine. If I am out somewhere getting a burger though I will try other stuff on burgers!

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