What Frightens Your Dog?

What Frightens Your Dog?

What Frightens Your Dog?

I’d like to hear about what frightens your dog. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. Oh! And I have TWO giveaways to tell you about! You’ll have to read to the end to click for the entry posts. 😉 But first, what frightens Flash and Patches?

Goin' Ridin' in a Car
Patches isn’t afraid of the car. She muscles her way into the front seat every time we go for a ride. Window down, please!

Some dogs are big, scary creatures. Even the big scary dogs are terrified of something, right? Like a bath. Or a cat. Or the vet.

Or a duck.

Contest - What Frightens Your Dog?
Any duck that stalks your dog and waits at the door with his friend just can’t be trusted. I didn’t let them in, by the way.

Yeah, my dogs are both afraid of the duck. I mean, with a name like Little Jimmy Dickens, you’d think he’d be a pushover, right? No such thing. Poor puppies.

Bad duck! Leave the dog alone!
Jimmy never passes an opportunity to chase a dog.

My Dogs Are Afraid Of …

My dogs are old now. Flash and Patches are 15 years old. They don’t panic at much anymore. They can barely see and hear. And dementia is setting in pretty strongly. I keep thinking they’re near the end, but now it’s certain. It won’t be long. They barely even fear the duck. Now they’re afraid of things like hard floors instead of carpet. They slip and slide. Or stairs. They stumble. For a while they were getting Windees from Jones Natural Chews as joint supplements. Now they get Jones Chicken Feet (high in glucosamine and chondroitin), and Synovi G4 joint supplements, as well as pain pills.

I’m afraid of the end for them. Just the thought of it ties my stomach in knots. And we’re in the midst of a remodel, which is hard on them, what with packing and moving furniture. At least their food bowls are in the same place and their carpeted sleeping spots in our room haven’t changed.

So of what are your babies afraid? What makes your pups panic? Tell me a story.


This is where Oprah needs to come out with her swarm of bees. I promised two giveaways, right? The first is our friend Christie, at Life with Beagle. Her Beagles, Lulu and Jasmine, are giving some lucky dogs their very own Center Bones from Jones Natural Chews as a Back to School gift. After a busy summer, pups who lose their kids to school can be destructive. They need something yummy to keep their minds off their loss. Jones is the perfect choice for that! Sometimes loss and boredom can look like fear. Sometimes a treat from Jones Natural Chews is just what a dog needs.

Buster the Shih Tzu begs for a Jones Natural Chews Frank n Woofer - all natural dog treat goodness
Buster the Shih Tzu begs for a Frank n Woofer – any treat is the perfect treat if it’s from Jones Natural Chews

Our second giveaway is the one we run every two weeks, and this time it’s the Heartbreaker – pork heart strips from Jones Natural Chews. Your dog will go bananas for this treat, so you’ll want to enter. Simply click this sentence, leave a comment on the new post which will open, then click the entry box and click I Commented! Tweeting about the giveaway increases your chances of winning, in case you really want to win. Your dog wants you to win. So. Treat your dog to happiness.

Jones Natural Chews has some seriously yummy stuff, y’all. My dogs have been gnawing on a couple of hooves for a couple of weeks now. They devour the pig ears in under a minute. Any of the trachea and jerky treats disappear instantly. In fact, I think the dino bone is the only treat they’ve tried that they haven’t liked. I suspect those are for much larger dogs. Monster dogs who aren’t afraid of anything but the chihuahua next door. Dogs like Clowie, or Sherman and Leroy. Not that, you know, those big dogs are afraid of chihuahuas or anything …

Spreading the good chews …


48 thoughts on “What Frightens Your Dog?

  1. My dog Sephi was terrified of the Verizon Air Dancers… you know, those big tall inflatable things that were held up by a fan and waved around in the air? Here is a link to one – http://aboveallvzw.com/product.asp?id=205. The one in this image is similar to the one she saw at the Verizon in Overland Park, KS except it was mostly red with a bit of black. I have never seen Sephi so terrified. This was before she wore her car seat belt all the time so when she saw it, she went nuts and crowded herself onto the floor of the car under the dashboard. Ever since then, we called the Verizon Air Dancer the Verizon Devil.
    Dawn recently posted..The Trouble with Smart DogsMy Profile

  2. If I am scared of anything, I haven’t met it yet! They sometimes say I am too confident, but I don’t see how that’s possible. If I see something unusual, I just want to check it out and find out what it is.
    Clowie recently posted..From Hair to EternityMy Profile

  3. Rosie is fearless! So far she is afraid of nothing, except the very high dogwalk in the agility class.

    Riley, on the other hand, is afraid of fireworks, thunder, busses, bicycles, vacuum cleaners, rollerblades, shrieking children, and strong wind. Poor old soul.
    laurie recently posted..Making the move upstairsMy Profile

  4. Elka used to be afraid of plastic bags (NO IDEA why), but she got over that.

    Her most consistent fear seems, get this, her butt. There are occasional times when she has an upset stomach, and she seems bemused by the digestive process. If she passes gas, she sniffs herself, as if to say “Butt, what are you doing?” There was one memorable time (that I wasn’t home for) where she was sitting on one of the easy chairs and had an, um, explosive bought of diarrhea. Quite a lot of it got down into said chair, and she got more around the living room as she in fact tried to run away from her butt.
    Jen recently posted..Dobermans in Vogue Italia September 2012 Face the Future by Steven MeiselMy Profile

  5. Oh being a young Collie..I’m scared of most things..People, they always put their hands straight down to stroke me..I don’t like that, let me have a sniff and get use to you first.. Children, they rush about making weird screaching noises..I don’t like that, they scare me. Thunder..Wow..big bangs, I jump outta me furs…I’m use to the hoover now..What else scares me? Oh hairoplanes when they fly low over the house..I go balistic.. The bin men, coz they were bright coloured jackets, as dose the postman.. Holy S*** there’s not a lot that dosen’t scare me..bol.. Humom’s taking me to pup classes tomorrows, in the hope I gain some confidence…:) I have told everyone I’s got a job..they is gettin all excited..Wez had emails asking what it is..Wellz they gotta wait till Furiday, so If Ya’s about..Youz might wanna pop across ( wink wink ) Oh, have I won a treat ???? bol xxooxx
    Mollie and Alfie recently posted..Naughty Pups and Kittie Award..My Profile

  6. My tweenie dachsund, Oscar, is scared of thunder, but he tries to act so brave by running around the house and barking at the doors to keep those “thunder monsters” away from his territory. He then runs back to momma and tries to hide under a throw blanket I keep on the couch as if the “thunder monsters” are going to come get him since he just cussed them out. Then next boom, he emerges and repeats the whole process. Guess it’s a good thing we don’t get too many thunderstorms out her in the semi-desert of west Texas!

  7. Hi Y’all,

    Thanks so much for stoppin’ by for a visit. I’m so glad y’all could make it!

    Hope y’all are havin’ a wonderful week.

    Oh yeh, I’m not really afraid of anything. I’ll let some other nice doggy win that treat. My food allergies keep my Human busy baking treats for me.

    Y’all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog
    Hawk aka BrownDog recently posted..Award TuesdayMy Profile

  8. Blueberry is afraid of not having her paws touch the bottom when she is in a pool or at the lake. She has fun splashing around but if she goes out too deep – panic sets in. When I had her in water therapy for her hips, her feet left the platform in the pool and she was frantic and flipped herself upside down in the water (which was actually pretty cool if she had been enjoying herself at all). She really lost her poor little fuzzy mind. Since then – I always have to make sure she doesn’t go in the deep end of any body of water.

  9. Hi Flea,

    I scared of trash bags – you know, those big scary plastic things that make a weird noise? Whenever I hear anyone touching it I go and run and find Mum and then hide behind her – they can’t get me there!!

    I’m brave about other stuff – on a Therapy Dog visit last week a Man’s alarm went off as he got out of his wheelchair it was super loud and I was ok, I’m not even afraid of the equipment, but if anyone changed the Trash Bag, that would be a different story….

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂
    snoopy@snoopysdogblog recently posted..I’m not a Sheep I Tell You!!My Profile

  10. My dog, Belle (beagle,) is afraid of her own farts! Seriously. She farts and then jumps up and looks behind her to see what it was. Sometimes, she’ll even jump up and run away. It’s quite hilarious!

  11. Well first of all I am not afraid of anything accept someone eating my food and that just makes me VERY MAD!! Sam on the other hand is very afraid of thundar. He is brave most of the time except when the thundar starts to roll in and then he barks and runs around crazy! He never stops barking until the storm is over, so sometimes it goes on along time, He is also very afraid of going to get his nails cut! The next time he has to go mom is going to go and get him a valium for dogs before we take him. Now Trudie she is the QUEEN OF AFRAID and we all feel very very bad about that. An easier question would be what is she NOT afraid of. Sometimes she is even afraid of mom’s hand when mom feeds her. She is afraid of books, papers, rugs, movement, dad coming to the door, her food, her bowl, herself…it is just plain heart breaking. Sometimes Turd takes 3 steps forward in the land of NOT AFRAId and 13 steps backward. Its just something we all live with.
    Have a great day!
    Stella Rose

  12. Molly, the long-haired, black and tan min. daschsund (AKA The Dustmop with Legs) is afraid of noises, especially the vacuum cleaner. She loses it if I even put my hand on the handle of it. Clementine, the runt standard red daschsund, is afraid of anything Molly is afraid of. Molly’s solution: bark really loudly and chase! Clementine’s solution: help Molly bark really loudly!

    • Do either of them attack the vacuum? Our first Aussie killed several vacuums – including a very expensive one – because she hated them so much. The poor, defenseless vacuum could be just standing in the middle of the room, quietly minding it’s own business, and Clee-o would attack it if the doorbell rang or the mailman drove past. *sigh* Dogs. Hi to Molly and Clementine!
      Flea recently posted..Contest Ends Today!My Profile

  13. My dogs are pretty confident. We worked really hard to socialize them. That being said, Jedi ALWAYS barks at the giant cat face on the bulk litter bin at Petco.

  14. We live near a gun range so loud noises are to be expected in the neighborhood, but plastic bags seem to cause both my shihtzu and Aussie into fits. And the pizza delivery guy. Somehow the mailman gets a pass.
    As one of the humans in the house, I second ‘clowns’. They have to be the most terrifying thing.

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