Westminster Agility, FBM 212

Westminster Agility, FBM 212

Westminster Agility

The road to Westminster is a long one. A tough road for both dog and handler. Westminster agility adds another layer of work. Well worth the work, though, for both. This morning a friend sent me a clip from the agility portion which happened this weekend, so I went hunting for the dog in the clip, Mia the Beagle, who was on this road to Westminster Agility. Did you know that there is agility at Westminster? There is! And sweet Mia, who worked so hard to get there, struggled a little in the agility portion. Say hello to Mia, who made it to the end game on her road to Westminster.

How sweet is that, to see a junior handler with such ambition? I wish I could access the competition video, but it’s not yet available. Instead, take a peek at my favorite breed of dog winning the competition a year ago.

But oh! Watch the winner of the Westminster agility this weekend! So handsome and lithe! The weave poles always undo me.

Isn’t that just worth jumping up and down for? Both dog and handler work so hard to get to this point. Bravo, Trick! He deserves a big bag of Jones Natural Chews venison jerky. The dogs I love love love, though, are the Papillon. Watching them do agility really makes me smile.

Last, and this isn’t Westminster agility, is a dog I love for a whole different reason – a Mastiff doing agility.

Just how wonderful is that?!? That handsome beast deserves two Jones Natural Chews jumbo bones. And a tummy rub.


So whether your dog does agility or not, and whether it’s Westminster quality or not, it still deserves the very best. Let’s face it – your dog is the best dog in the entire world, right? It’s okay to say it out loud. Go ahead. “My dog is the best dog in the world.” There. Don’t you feel better about life? Your dog has true inner/outer beauty. That being the case, your dog deserves no less than Jones Natural Chews. See? You knew I was going there. But only because you know it’s true.

And because your dog deserves the all natural, all American quality that only Jones can give, why not enter our current giveaway? Some lucky dog will win our Pumper – a baked pork heart, with no coatings or anything. Just a single ingredient, like so many of our treats. Your dog will thank you. It might even do the weave poles. I doubt it, but one never knows. So just click this sentence, which will open the entry post in a new window, and read down to the entry instructions. Remember to tweet daily, since that increases your chances of winning pretty substantially.

Now go! Train your dog to do great things! And give it Jones Natural Chews as a reward. Because your dog is the best dog in the world. While you’re at it, follow us on Facebook and Twitter?

Spreading the good chews …


8 thoughts on “Westminster Agility, FBM 212

  1. I didn’t realize agility was there but why not, agility and shows to go hand in hand for a lot of clubs.

  2. Always love watching agility on tv. I’ve considered entering Westminster, but it’s a lot of pressure and excitement, and I’m not sure I’m ready for that. Would love to go watch, though, in person. Was excited to see familiar faces making it into the finals this year- there were three teams that I regularly trial with. So it was extra exciting to cheer for them!

    • Yay! And it is SO cool being there in person! The Piers are awesome, wandering through the grooming section, watching them choose best in each breed. It rocks. Go! Just go. You’d love it.

  3. i have always wanted to go to Westminster. my dog breeder never showed there. for some reason mini Schnauzers never do well in groups. i think my oldest would have done well in the agility.

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