Flea's Wonder Dog, Flash, can't get over not having treats


Waiting for a treat

Jones Natural Chews introduces you to a new world of dog chews and treats! We’re an all-natural product, made in the USA. In fact, our chews are all produced on-site in our Illinois facility in Rockford!

Jones Natural Chews are proudly sold in all fifty states. Your dog can’t help but love our beef, lamb, chicken and pork treats!

As blogger-in-chief, I welcome your comments and feedback. We’ll be discussing more than just dog treats. Look for a calendar of dog-related events for all fifty states, photo contests, educational posts, road trip stories and photos (more on that in future posts), and so much more!

So visit again soon! Contests and give aways will happen when you least expect it, as well as when you most expect it.

Until I write again …


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