Welcome to Jones Natural Chews Blog!

Welcome to Jones Natural Chews Blog!

Welcome to Jones Natural Chews Blog!

This week marks the five year anniversary of the Jones Natural Chews blog! Can you believe it? Five years of educating and entertaining. Five years of photographing my own dogs and every other dog I can find. Five years of giving away the very best all natural dog treats ever made. Five years loving working with a company which has been around for decades. And today’s post is the very first post ever, written five years ago!

Flea's Wonder Dog, Flash, can't get over not having treats
Welcome to Jones Natural Chews blog! Flash says hello, lovely people.

Jones Natural Chews introduces you to a new world of dog chews and treats! We’re an all-natural product, made in the USA. In fact, our chews are all produced on-site in our Illinois facility in Rockford!

Jones Natural Chews are proudly sold in all fifty states. Your dog can’t help but love our beef, lamb, venison, rabbit, chicken and pork treats!

As blogger-in-chief, I welcome your comments and feedback. We’ll be discussing more than just dog treats. Look for a calendar of dog-related events for all fifty states, photo contests, educational posts, road trip stories and photos (more on that in future posts), and so much more!

So visit again soon! Contests and giveaways will happen when you least expect it, as well as when you most expect it.

Not Everything Worked Out

So not all of the things I so ambitiously planned for the blog worked out. For instance, dog related events in all 50 states? Nope. Photo contests? Not so much. But one finds one’s niche and settles into it, yes? The giveaways have been every two weeks, like clockwork. The road trip photos and stories have been a fun element. And I do appreciate y’all being on the journey with me as my Aussie mixes have aged gracefully into senior dogs (including Flash, who was only ten years old in the above photo). We’re coming swiftly to the heart breaking point with the seniors, but aren’t there yet. And I’ve loved and used y’all’s advice over time. Thank you.


Speaking of giveaways, we’re currently hosting a Jones Natural Chews giveaway. Your dog wants its very own hamburgers from Jones! They’re a single ingredient treat (ground beef), all natural (as always), and grown and made in the USA (again, as always). What’s not to love? This is a treat that every dog will eat! How do you sign your dog up to possibly win this lovely treat?

Woofers are baked ground beef patties for dogs
Two Woofers come in a shrink-wrapped pack. Two disks of meaty yum for dogs.

Easy as pie is how. Simply click this sentence, leave a comment on the new post which will open in a new window, then click the entry box and click I Commented! There ya go. You’re entered. But if you’re serious about the Woofer (I know your dog is serious about the Woofer), you’ll also want to use that box to tweet about the contest every day that you can, as well as visit our Facebook page and follow us. If you don’t ever want to miss out on another giveaway, shoot, just subscribe to the blog!  Your dog will thank you. And so will I.

Spreading the good chews …


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