Watch This Space for Dogs

Watch This Space for Dogs

Watch This Space

Sunday I leave for another Mother of All Road Trips, so I’m alerting you now to watch this space. Even more, follow us on Instagram. That’s where the magic happens when I’m on the road. If you’re not already following @JonesChews on Instagram, then you missed out on the adventures of Gunny the Boston Terrier when I traveled to South Carolina for BlogPaws. Plenty of “Gunny Pooped Here” photos. Minus the poop, of course.

A funeral home in South Carolina where Gunny pooped
Gunny pooped in the backyard of this funeral home in South Carolina. You’ll need to watch this space, and our Instagram account (@JonesChews) to see what mischief I get into next week.

This time I won’t be traveling with a dog. I will, however, be staying with friends and family who have dogs, so watch this space! Who knows what kinds of adventures we’ll have?!

But Where Am I Going?

Where am I going? I’m driving from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Orlando, Florida, to attend BlogHer, one of the largest conferences in the nation for women bloggers. Ask me if I’m excited. Yes! Well, I’m getting there. The conference offers some great classes, and even better networking opportunities. Who knows whose photos will show up here and on Instagram? Watch this space!

Even better than the conference is the road trip! The very first people I’ll see in my travel are blogging friends. You’ll certainly want to be connected on Instagram, since those friends happen to be Bentley and Pierre, from Barking on the Bayou!

Soulful Basset Hound
Look at that face. Those silky ears. Just stroking those silky ears would make me feel worlds better.

I won’t break it all down for you and ruin the surprise, but I have seven dog homes/people to visit on the road. One is a well known Instagram pup who is Chewy’s twin. See why you want to follow @JonesChews on Instagram? Large dogs, small dogs, sleek, coats, fluffy coats – they’ll all be nomming on the very best treats available. Jones Natural Chews, of course.

What About Facebook and Twitter?

Yes, you’ll want to watch those spaces, too. I try to post different photos to Facebook and Twitter (@JonesChews) than I do here and to Instagram. You won’t want to miss a one! So watch this space and those, okay? Follow us on each, making sure you don’t miss a beat.


While all this traveling is going on, there will still be giveaways! There’s the one happening here on the blog. There’s currently one on Instagram. Enter to win in both spaces and double your chances! In fact, both giveaways are for the same treat – the Frank n Woofer. Yes, Jones Natural Chews has plenty to go around. To enter to win the contest here on the blog, click this sentence, comment on the new post which will open, click the giveaway box, then click I Commented. Voila! Entered. Then tweet about it for good measure. Your dog will smile. And so will you.

See y’all on the road! Watch for cute dogs!

Spreading the good chews …


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