Visiting Jones Natural Chews

Visiting Jones Natural Chews

Visiting Jones Natural Chews

This month celebrates four years of blogging for Jones Natural Chews! Today we take a little trip down memory lane, back to those fuzzy beginnings when the Jones crew sent for me. I drove from Tulsa to northern Illinois to visit Jones Natural Chews facilities, and it was fantastic! My blogging skills at the time? A little less than fantastic, but I sure was having fun! The company has expanded the facilities since this intial visit, in order to bring more meaty goodness to your dogs!

It’s my third day of travel and the little cows can’t WAIT to see the company I’ve been talking about for so long, Jones Natural Chews! I haven’t told them that a large percentage of the products we’ll be viewing and smelling are made of beef. Shh! Don’t you tell them either!

Where the Magic Happens
A quiet little place, where good things are made

We’ve traveled 687 miles (not counting the times we got lost), just to be here! My college roomie, Laura, was happy to meet Fred and Bessie:

LJ & the Cows
Laura meets Fred and Bessie

Rocky, the company mascot, was a little stand-offish – I think he knows EXACTLY what goes into Jones’ all-natural dog treats. Not only are they all made in the USA, they’re made in the same building where he hangs out, just around the corner. It smells like a beef jerky factory, which is why I guess Rocky stays.

Jones Natural Chews Mascot
Rocky, the JNC Mascot

I figured it was safe to tell my little guys that a lot of the yummy dog chews are made of pork, venison, lamb, buffalo and chicken. Then I had to tell F&B that JNC treats are made for dogs, not little ceramic cows. They were very sad.

Laura’s sister, Suzy, made me wear a funny hat to tour the dog treat factory. Bad Suzy! Next time I bring my own hat.

The Good Flea Pretends to Like the Funny Hat
SRSLY?!? With the hat?

The three of us went to lunch with Laura and her family. These people know how to laugh! They do a lot of laughing together as a family. They also know good food. In fact, Laura introduced me to the Frisco melt, which Fred and Bessie set about to devour. I lied and told them it was a chicken patty. After that accident in the kitchen so long ago, Fred’s taste buds don’t work very well, so the cows had no clue.

Beef? Where's the Beef?

Back to the office for a little more quality time with Laura and her sister, Suzy, to work on the set up for this blog. They brought me out to Rockford so I could get a feel for their family-run business, as well as to be hands-on about getting everything set up right from the start. We worked hard. We did.

And We Ate Some More

Six hundred eighty seven miles, a factory tour, and hours of quality blog work later, Laura and I wound up at an authentic German restaurant for dinner. I don’t like German food, as a rule, but I chose the restaurant. I’m glad I did, because these Reuben rolls?

Good German Eggrolls
Deep fried Reubens with dipping sauce

TO DIE FOR. Y’all, I kid you not.  You have to try this at home. Once the weather cools, I totally plan on making some of these. NOM NOM NOM.


What a fun trip down memory lane. Fred and Bessie might take another road trip once this whole cancer this is over and done. We’ll all need a good trip to clear our heads. In the meantime, I’m just here in Tulsa, giving away dog treats! Jones’ newest all meat, two ingredient treat is up for grabs – the Bully N Beef! To enter, click this sentence, scroll down in the new window to the Rafflecopter, and just follow the directions there. Your dog will thank you. Promise.

Spreading the good chews …


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  1. Outstanding blog Flea! I do not have a dog, but will recommend to a friend if
    the opportunity comes along 🙂

  2. How awesome and it looks like you had a great time! What fun blogging for Jones Natural Chews. They found the right person!

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