Treat often. Treat always.

Treat Often. Treat Always.

Treat Often. Treat Always.

It’s part of a quote from Hippocrates:

Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always. – Hippocrates

My dogs would have you believe that Hippocrates got it backwards. Cure sometimes, comfort often, treat always. Or is that treats often cure so give them always? I don’t quite know. But I do know that it’s Wordless Wednesday, according to our BlogPaws friends, and my motto here with Jones Natural Chews is TREAT OFTEN. TREAT ALWAYS. Okay, so it’s not really my motto. Just go with it, okay? My dogs – it’s my dogs’ motto. Take a look.

Treat often. Treat always.
Alright, Chewy. You know I treat as often as I can.

See that? Motto. Treat often just isn’t enough in a dog’s world.

But Should I Really Treat Often?

Sadly, reality is a bummer. For people and dogs alike. Just like children and cake, dogs shouldn’t be given treats too often. They beg. They give us the sad puppy eyes. Dogs paw our hands, wanting more and more treats. Just say no. They’re little begging machines, aren’t they, dogs? Just like kids can be. Always wanting more of what tastes good. Can’t say I blame them.

Treat often. Treat always.
Chewy and Gadget think I should treat often on days ending in Y.

We do treat daily here at Casa de Pulga (house of Flea). And we only treat with Jones Natural Chews, since that’s more like giving a kid an apple as a treat than a cupcake. In fact, my dogs get three or four small treats a day. But no more than that. And when I say small, I mean I break whole treats into four or five pieces and divvy them up between the dogs, typically. You can see how small in the photo above. About the size of a quarter.

You’ve seen fat dogs. We’ve all seen fat people. It’s not necessarily that they eat lots of cake, or bad things. It’s usually just because they (we – yes, I’m overweight, thankyouverymuch) just eat too MUCH. Too much of anything will pack on the pounds. It effects mobility, the joints, the heart, can cause health issues like diabetes. So as much as I love Jones Natural Chews, I’m here to tell you that it’s not food. It’s treats. Give Jones to your dogs. Just don’t give them too much.

Treat often. Treat always.
Gadget, my little pudge dog, argues for treats always. Especially Jones‘ new Bark Burgers. They’re soft and easy for his tiny mouth to chew.

But … But … They LOVE Jones Natural Chews!

I get it! I do! And they can have Jones every day! Just not as a replacement for food. Or all day long. Oh, our bones? Nonconsumable, so they’re fine to leave out for gnawing all day long. Great for dental health and mental stimulation. We’re talking conumable meat treats. A little common sense goes a long way with treats. You’ve got this.


Know what else you’ve got? An opportunity to win the very best treats in the history of ever. As long as you’re going to give in to those pleading eyes, it might as well be with the best treats for your dog. Jones Natural Chews. We’re currently hosting a giveaway of our new Bark Burgers. Some lucky dog will win the Chicken Blend and Beef Blend Bark Burgers. It could be your dog! Simply click this sentence, leave a comment in the new post which will open, and click I Commented in the box on that post. Easy. And tweet daily to increase your chances of winning. Then you, too, can choose to treat often. Or treat minimally. Totally up to you.

Spreading the good chews …


5 thoughts on “Treat Often. Treat Always.

  1. The D-O-G in my household would eat herself sick with treats if you let her. My humans break her treats up into small bits, as you do for your puppies. She prefers the chewy treats over biscuits. Mom will have to get her some Jones Chews, ’cause she doesn’t think she’s tried them before. I’ve smelled dog treats & I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I’ll stick to my tuna fish. Tee hee hee! Mew Mew!
    Valentine recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Sparkling Teeth!My Profile

  2. i hate to say this but i am very stingy abt the treats. they get 2 good meals a day. they get treats abt once a day or if we are going to an event they may get more. sometimes i leave them treats to find when i leave the house. i watch their weight. if we go to an event where they are getting lots of treats, i will make their evening meal smaller. however, the middle child is a real foodie, i go to the kitchen and she is right there, i am eating something and she is right there. she always checks to see if there is any food dropped or licks the other girls bowls clean.

  3. The ss gang gets treats way to often! But they love them and are very spoiled

  4. Layla woofs you walk you treat or no walk, simple as that. BOL. You go to the dog park, either the ATM of treats is around and its fun or you mope till someone feels sorry for you, treats are very important and cannot be forgotten

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