To Bacon, or Not To Bacon?

To Bacon, or Not To Bacon?

To Bacon, or Not To Bacon?

A dog in love with his Bully N Bacon - Chewy always says, TO BACON!
To bacon, or not to bacon? Why is that even a question?!? Bully n Bacon, of course!

Our current giveaway (to be found at this link) is the Bully n Bacon Treat from Jones Natural Chews. I ask readers to simply tell me, in the comments, whether or not they like bacon. Not everyone does. One of your lovely responses triggered today’s title, “To Bacon, or Not To Bacon?” That truly is the question. Here was her comment:

Well, while I know I shouldn’t, I really do love bacon (as do my dogs). We typically use turkey bacon, though, to cut down on the fat. But nothing tastes as good as the real thing!

Linda is a lovely person. She’s right to cut down on fat. Plenty of people eat turkey bacon for their health. That’s perfectly fine. My response was as follows:

We used to visit my grandparents for a couple of weeks every summer, just my brother and myself. Every morning there would be bacon with our breakfast. It was heavenly, since my mom never bought bacon. Then my grandfather’s doctor told him to stop eating bacon. We showed up one summer and there was only turkey bacon. Turkey bacon makes me very sad. It’s the death of childhood. It’s the death of dreams and hope. Turkey bacon is the devil.

Can Dogs Eat Bacon? Should They?

My dogs love the real thing. Bacon is amazing. That said, they’d probably beg for turkey bacon, too. They’re dogs. It’s meat. Technically. It would make them happy. But given the choice between the two? They’d choose the real thing. Fortunately for them, they don’t have to choose.

To Bacon, or Not To Bacon? Silly question.

Real bacon is lovely to the taste buds because it’s full of salt and fat and smoky goodness. Oh my. I’m drooling. Real bacon is delicious. And not good for people or dogs in quantity. Jones Natural Chews makes a real meat treat, only two ingredients, which gives dogs the bacon flavor they love, the long lasting chew we love, and the better-for-them quality we want for our dogs. Jones’ Bully n Bacon treat is a coiled Bully Stick (single ingredient meat treat) wrapped with a thick piece of bacon (pork skin – no added ingredients). That’s it. Two ingredients.

Two tough ingredients, baked to perfection, which are great for your dog’s dental health, since they take awhile to chew. For toy dogs I recommend five minutes of chewing, then put it away. Use your judgment on that. But there’s no salt or anything else added. Just deliciousness.

Bully Bacon Twists vs Bully N Bacon

So I guess I’m saying, Linda is right. *sigh* We shouldn’t give our dogs much real bacon. But we should give our dogs Jones Natural Chews Bully n Bacon. And we should give Flea all the real bacon.


While I’m sitting here eating all the real bacon (you don’t know that I’m not), you’ll be entering Jones Natural Chews Bully n Bacon giveaway, right? Even if you’ve already commented to enter, you’ll take a few seconds to tweet about it, since that ups your points and betters your chances of winning. Your dog needs bacon. You know it does. Shoot, even you’re drooling over this giveaway. Well, I am. Since I don’t really have any people bacon. Or even turkey bacon. So click this sentence, leave a comment on the new post, click the box and click I Commented, then click it again and tweet about the giveaway. It’ll make your dog smile. Pinky swear.

Now go eat some bacon, dang it! Because the answer to To Bacon, or Not To Bacon? is always TO BACON!

Spreading the good chews …


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