Things I Realized At Westminster

Things I Realized At Westminster

There are a couple of things I realized at Westminster this week that I’d like to share. And no, no photos today. I’m exhausted. New York City ROCKS, but it’s also tiring. And energizing. Okay, so maybe one photo. Or two. But that’s it.

A St. Bernard at Westminster
This St. Bernard about KILLED me! LOOK HOW CUTE! Totally petable. And I did. Pet her. I realized at Westminster that the dogs are all GORGEOUS. But is this a St. Bernard? The coat seems too short. Someone weigh in!

Are we good? So here’s what I realized at Westminster:

  • The  show dogs are still just dogs. Y’all, I think this was the biggest shock for me, and it shouldn’t have been. I’ve met dogs at agility trials and in people’s homes and at expos. They’re all just dogs. But this is WESTMINSTER! They’re the best dogs, right? They’re still just dogs. In the hotel, being groomed, wherever, I was allowed to walk up and pet these gorgeous creatures. It was AMAZING. Dogs don’t get swelled heads the way people do.
Golden Retriever at Westminster
This handsome Golden Retriever is the sweetest thing ever. Its handler let me pet and love on it while she worked, talking the whole time about the breed. What a great experience! Westminster rocks.
  • The handlers and groomers and owners are dog people, just like you and I. With our quirks and personality differences, underneath it all, we’re still dog people. And so are they. They love to talk about their dogs, about the breeds. They love having their dogs gushed over and adored. It wasn’t awkward at all.
Beautiful Westminster dog
Who can tell me what breed this beauty is? No, seriously. My brain is so scrambled after a week of purebred dog overload. This was taken the morning I left, in the Hotel Pennsylvania lobby. Is it a Wolfhound? Someone tell me!

I was total fan girl this week. A HUGE thank you to Jones Natural Chews for sending me to the biggest event in a dog lover’s life! If you ever have the opportunity to go, do it. And I’ll tell you a little secret –

Westminster Border Terrier
This Border Terrier’s face kills me. How cute is this?!? I told my Hunny that the Border Terrier is Chewy’s next companion dog. SO. CUTE.

Westminster isn’t difficult to get into. We booked flight, hotel and tickets to the Piers and Madison Square Garden just two weeks before the event. The woman I sat next to on Tuesday night got her tickets the week before. Start saving now. Get your tickets. Use Hotwire or Expedia to book travel and hotel. Stay at the Hotel Pennsylvania. It’s not much as a hotel room goes, but it’s across the street and that’s where all the dogs stay.

So, will I see you there next year? If you decide to go, let me know! The more the merrier! And until then, give your dog a Jones Natural Chew. It’ll make ’em smile. Naturally.

Until I write again …


13 thoughts on “Things I Realized At Westminster

  1. What a wonderful experience for you! I enjoyed all the photos you posted on Facebook and here. That definitely looks like a fun place to go, I’ve kind of always wanted to go to a dog show, so maybe one day….
    Of course I was excited that a beagle won, since we’ve had two beagles and they are such fun. Our first beagle Kobi was actually bred to be a show dog, but he had an overbite so he was out! I think he ended up pretty happy as a spoiled house dog though!
    I think a Border Terrier would make a fine companion for Chewy, they are so cute. It must be difficult after seeing all those different breeds to decide what one you might want for your next dog!
    Jan K recently posted..Healthy Diet, Healthy Dogs #TheArtofNutritionMy Profile

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m not a fan of dog shows. My personal opinion is it is more for the people than it is for the dogs. Honestly I feel kind of bad for the dogs, I think the vibe in that arena must be incredible and I wonder how many dogs really stress out there? But that is just me and my opinion, I realize dog shows aren’t for everyone.
    Jodi recently posted..The Dog Days of Winter – Barks and BytesMy Profile

  3. Hooray! I am glad you had such an awesome time and discovered what those of us who show already know. People thinks dog shows are some sort of special “thing” or some sort of bad “thing”. Unfortunately the rescue only/animal rights crowds have succeeded in demonizing something that can be a ton of fun. Fun for people and fun for dogs. The people that show dogs all of the time do it for the fun. When you win you get a nice $2.00 ribbon and bragging rights but none of it is worth it if you are having fun!
    2 Brown Dawgs recently posted..Thursday Barks And Bytes–The Way To A Storm’s Heart Is Through Her StomachMy Profile

  4. Dear Mrs. Flea:
    We kept looking for you on the TV at night when we were watching all the dogs but could not find you, we did see several dogs that looked like our friends on the blog fact they could have been doubles BUTT never ONE time did we see a black pug as handsome as our Gussie, in FACT we never saw ANY black pugs so my question to you Mrs. Flea do you think we are an endangered species and worth a gazillion dollars????? Stella Rose

  5. Trying to get more Jones Natural Chews i.e. a real, big bone for my dogs but they are not easily available. Both Summit and Sadie would like a good, big bone each to chew on – probably not a dinosaur bone – but up to now, we just couldn’t find any. Weather being bad getting our dogs to stay indoors and chewing away on a good, old fashioned bone would keep “cabin fever” away.

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