The Perfect Winter Treat for Dogs

The Perfect Winter Treat for Dogs

The Perfect Winter Treat for Dogs

If you live in a cold climate and don’t like being outside in cold weather, or have a Dachshund who gets swallowed by snow, then you’re looking for the perfect winter treat for dogs. Jones Natural Chews has just the treat for you and your dog – the Braided Stix!

My bully stick, not yours - the Braided Stix from Jones is perfect for large breed puppies

This glorious all natural, single ingredient treat will keep your dog, especially a small dog, occupied for hours. I’ll be honest – a big dog would chew it up in a few minutes. If you have a large or giant breed dog, head to your local pet or feed store and pick up a Jones Natural Chews (link opens a search page for finding a store near you) beef shank bone. Your dog will thank you. But if your dog is 60 pounds or less and going stir crazy in this winter weather? Find our Braided Stix. Here’s what Jones has to say about this treat:

With no artificial ingredients added, dogs go crazy over our Braided Bully Stix. It is three USA all-natural bully stick beef pizzles braided together and oven baked in its own casing to make a more flavorful, longer lasting chew. Braided Stix make a great chew for any size dog and is a good protein source with low fat content. All Jones’ products are 100% grown and made in the USA

If you don’t know what a pizzle is, read this post. And if you’re at all modest, my apologies in advance. Heh. Your dog won’t blush.

Why Is the Braided Stix Perfect?

Why is it perfect? Leaving the natural casing on the pizzle, or bully stick, makes it a tougher chew, more of a treat. And bully sticks are similar to rawhide in their durability, but far superior in their construction. For one, there’s no bleaching or glue. It’s just three braided pizzles, baked. The Braided Stix won’t endanger your dog’s gut health the way a rawhide will. Boiled down, Jones just doesn’t make or sell rawhide. We consider them too dangerous a treat.

Braided Bully Sticks from Jones Natural Chews - "Noise cancelling treats"

The durability and size of this braided treat make it perfect for puppies of any size breed, as well as dogs of all sizes. It’s tough. It’s consumable (unlike a bone, which is designed strictly for gnawing). The Braided Stix is the perfect winter treat for dogs because it’s both tasty and long lasting, but it’s also great for a dog’s dental health. I think of it as somewhere between a good bone and a good treat. It serves both purposes. Yummy and long lasting. Could  there be a better treat?


We all have our preferences. Our dogs do, too. But I think if you give your dog a shot at the Braided Stix, regardless of its size, you’ll find you both have a new favorite. And now is your chance! Jones Natural Chews is giving some lucky dog a Braided Stix! Just click this sentence, scroll to the bottom of the new post which will open, and follow the simple directions in the box. Tweeting daily enhances your chances of winning! Probably half of last year’s winners were tweets.

Go! Enjoy your winter day with your dog. And give it a Jones Natural Chew.

Spreading the good chews …


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