The Good Flea

Flea in her Jones jacket

Flea is all natural, made in the USA, and slightly crunchy, just like our treats! She’s also a blogger extraordinaire, mother of three or four teenagers/young adults, two Aussie mixes, an Affenpinscher mutt, a Brussels Griffon/Chihuahua mutt, one loud cat, one duck and eight chickens. And she loves a good, long road trip. So ask her to come visit, offer her chocolate, and she might just bring you a treat! Good puppy!

Flea’s mission is to be as up-to-date as possible with the latest information about dog treats, discuss treat safety, make fun of all KINDS of things – just generally be a big bundle of information and fun!

Sit. Stay. Visit frequently. Don’t hesitate to teach Flea a thing or two while you’re at it, m’kay? She may be an old dog, but she’s always willing to learn new tricks!

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