The Dog Equivalent of Coffee

The Dog Equivalent of Coffee

The Dog Equivalent of Coffee

I don’t start in the mornings without coffee. In fact, I used the last of the coffee yesterday. That’s right, folks – I’m blogging without caffeine. Which got me thinking – what’s the dog equivalent of coffee? Bear with me. Thinking is a little difficult this morning. No coffee and all.

Baran the Boxer can't believe there's no coffee in the house

Baran the Boxer can’t believe there’s no coffee in the house. So I asked him, I said, “Baran, what’s one thing which would be the dog equivalent of coffee?” His response?

Walks! Walks! Take me on a walk! Then play with me! And give me a treat! Walks! Did I mention walks?

Baran is probably not the right dog to ask. He doesn’t seem to need a caffeine substitute. I’m sure that’s an anomaly. Let’s ask a different dog.

Pixie the Terrier can't believe there's no coffee in the house

I asked Pixie the same question. She seems like a low-key little terrier. Wait. Is there such a thing? Here’s her response.

Treats! Treats! Gimme treats! And walks! Are we going on a walk? Are we? Do I get to lick a goat? Please? Pretty please?!?

Well. That was a waste of time. I gave Pixie a Beef Liver Taffy for her trouble. That didn’t do it. I had to give her a Hoof to shut her up. It’s too early to yap. At least, not having coffee, it’s too early. I need to find a different dog. Let’s ask Chewy …

Cute Affenpinscher close up

Yeah. Never mind. I know what he’s going to say. Who’s next?

Don't you touch my pig ear from JNC
Mmm mm mmm

I … you know what? This is useless. I’m starting to think that dogs don’t need caffeine, or any facsimile thereof. Well, except for Gadget. He’s slow moving in the mornings.

My treats. Now.

And demanding.

But Seriously Folks …

Actually, and I’m being serious here, if I had to give the dog equivalent of coffee, I’d say it’s training. Dogs don’t really need waking up. They seem to need calming down. Sit, Up, Down, Stay. Obedience. Agility. Rally. Nose work. Training wakes the dog brain, brings them out of despondency, out of their funk. Training engages the dog, makes them happy. Keeps them alert.

And if you’re training your dog, keep a bag of Jones Natural Chews on hand. I recommend any of their latest treats, the Beefee Snapz or the Chickee Snapz, perfect for training. Also, for long-term satisfaction, if you can’t train temporarily, and your dog is hyper or destructive (training keeps hyperactivity and destructiveness at bay), your next best bet is to give your dog something to keep it busy. A dog puzzle with treats in it, or a bone or Hoof are great.

Hey! I’ve gotta go. Look who just arrived.


My mom! Bearing coffee!! Mmmmm. Oh, and hey, if you’re looking for something handmade and quirky to give as a gift this year, take a look at my mom’s new Etsy shop. She’ll custom make dog items for you. Or whatever! She’s quite an artist and craftsman.


And don’t forget to give your dog a Jones Natural Chew! It’ll make ’em smile. Naturally. You’ll want to enter our Bark Burgers contest, too. Click this sentence and enter in the new post. I always say these treats are like crack for dogs. Maybe now I’ll start saying they’re like coffee for dogs.

Spreading the good chews …


P.S. Today’s post is gently recycled. I leave this weekend to drive from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for BLOGPAWS!!! I’ll be bringing back plenty of tips and tricks and products to talk about! But right now? I need to start packing!

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  1. My goodness, y’all are so adorable! Have a safe trip to the beach. My Dad is going so be on the lookout for Brian’s Dad. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

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