The Dino Bone as a Large Dog Chew

The Dino Bone as a Large Dog Chew

Bones are non-consumables. Just want to get that out there at the beginning. Today we discuss the Dino Bone as a large dog chew. By large dog, today that means a Yellow Lab mix, Sam. Well, they’re not sure what type of dog this handsome boy is. But he only likes bones, so I brought him the mother load of treats. The Dino Bone from Jones Natural Chews is perfect for him. I’ll let the photos tell the story.

Dino Bone as a large dog treat
We always have to smell the treats before they’re unwrapped. Dogs aren’t very patient. The Dino Bone was tough to unwrap. I assured Sam that it was worth the wait.
Licking his lips, waiting for the Dino Bone
He’s licking his chops in anticipation.
Gimme that Dino Bone!
A large dog with a large bone – he’s taking his new favorite treat …
Walking away with a big, meaty bone
… and walking far away from me. This always tickles me. Dogs take delicious meaty treats FROM ME, then walk far away from me. No gratitude. Can’t say I blame ’em.
Gnawing on a meaty Dino Bone is like Heaven for this large dog
Gnawing on the Dino Bone, this large dog has found his little slice of Heaven.
Loves his new bone
So what do you think of that Dino Bone, large dog? Do you like it? Do you? Good boy!
Don't take a dog's bone if you don't want to lose a hand
And what if I come close to get better photos of you and your Dino Bone, large dog? What then? You’ll growl? And tell me to back off? Oh my. I promise, I won’t touch your bone, Sam.

No Fleas were harmed in the taking of these photos. Pinky swear.

Y’all, I love my job. Tomorrow you’ll see more photos from this particular day. They were taken at a spectacular urban farm, right off of main street in a smaller city outside of Tulsa. You’ll see all the animals I want to add to my own menagerie. 😉 Don’t tell my Hunny.

More about the Dino Bone as a large dog chew:

  • Always monitor your dog when it’s gnawing on a bone – Jones Natural Chews slow bakes their bones while monitoring the moisture levels, ensuring the bones are the closest thing to raw in terms of splintering, but even a raw bone will splinter under the right conditions
  • Jones Natural Chews bones, and especially a Dino or other Mammoth Bone, are perfect for the dental health of your dog – because they gnaw and not consume, it helps to clean their teeth and gums
  • The Dino Bone is covered in meaty bits – YUM!
  • As with all our products, Dino Bones are 100% all natural and 100% Grown and baked in the USA! They’re also a single ingredient treat

So tell me – how big is your dog? Do you give it bones? Why or why not? My own dogs like bones initially, but only Chewy hoards them and gnaws on them regularly.

Now go give your dog a Jones Natural Chew and watch it smile! Naturally.

Until I write again ..


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  1. never give my girls bones. i had my oldest break her teeth on a bone my vet gave her many yrs ago. and dont give anything that i cant make a dent in it with my fingernail. my dental vet specialist agrees.

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