Thanks for All the Fish

Thanks for All the Fish

Funny Bone Monday is my favorite day of the week. Today we celebrate all the fish, even though fish isn’t an ingredient in any of Β Jones’ treats. Jones is in farm country, surrounded by corn. Fish is for wussies, right? Unless you’re this fish.

All the fish should be like this fish. And these next fish.

When we lived in Florida, we spent a bit of time in the ocean. The fish didn’t jump out of the water like that, but if you waded out into a school of fish, they’d body slam you. It was a wicked weird experience.

So, in all the fish oddities, this video stands out:

Yeeeeaaaaah. Okay.

Moving on. This dog has it right. He knows exactly where all the fish are, as well as how to get what he wants. Brilliant dog.

And I LOVE this video!


Last, but not least, today I’m missing Ryan Gosling. There are no fish involved, but there is swimming. I’d like another goose or two someday.

OMD. I miss him so. One more. Just because he was such a sweet goose.

Ten week old Canada goose
Ryan is nearly eleven weeks old in this photo, and handsome as can be. It was still more than a month after this that he flew away.
Scared goose
Almost till the end of his time with us, Ryan would climb onto my shoulder and settle in. He liked to eat my hair. I wish I’d put fish in the pool for him.

I need to stop walking down memory lane. I want another goose. It’s pretty bad, the missing. Maybe next spring? I’ve nearly forgotten how much poop they produce.

Hmm. Maybe I don’t want another goose.

Anywho! Y’all have a great week! And help your dog have a great week. Pick up some Jones Natural Chews and watch your dog smile. Or head to Natural Dog Treat Shop and order some. You know you want to. πŸ™‚

Until I write again …


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