Yorkshire Terrier, Breed of the Week

Cute Yorkie

Yorkshire Terrier, Breed of the Week I was told, years ago by a breeder, that it’s a fierce hunter, the Yorkshire Terrier. Wednesday is our breed of the week day, which usually means that I’m learning right along with y’all. I’m going into this post thinking I already know a lot, since we had a … Read more

Jazz and Lyric

A Maltese with puppy eyes

Last week I spent time with Jazz and Lyric. Y’all might remember them from last year, when we talked about Jones Natural Chews Rib Rollers and Lamb Shanks. We also discussed anxiety in dogs. Jazz is a tiny rescued Yorkie, and Lyric is a tiny rescued Maltese, both loved by their mama more than they … Read more

Terriers, Breed of the Week

Ricky the Terrier mix

Terriers Y’all, I have such a time telling Terriers apart. Chewy is a type of Terrier, with his probable Affenpinscher self. Gadget, my mom’s newest dog, is probably a Brussels Griffon, which is a Terrier. Jan’s dog, Ricky, is definitely a Terrier, but I have no clue what type. What Is a Terrier? So what … Read more

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