Pork Heart Dog Valentine

Jones Natural Chews Pumper - a Pork Heart Dog Valentine

Pork Heart Dog Valentine Wednesday It’s a BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday (where we’re never wordless), and because we’re hosting a Jones Natural Chews Pumpers giveaway right now, it’s a Pork Heart Dog Valentine Wednesday! Is your dog your Valentine? Mine sure is. Little Gadget has captured my heart. And because he has, he also captures plenty … Read morePork Heart Dog Valentine

A Study in Dogs

Throw Back Thursday - dog blogging becomes my reality

A Study in Dogs Happy Wordless Wednesday, thanks to BlogPaws! Today’s study in dogs is a photo journey with some beauties I’ve spent time with the last month or so. One of my challengers as a dog blogger, but especially as the blogger for Jones Natural Chews, is getting photos of dogs enjoying our treats. They’re … Read moreA Study in Dogs

Better Than a Klondike Bar

Better than a Klondike Bar www.DogTreatWeb.com

Better Than a Klondike Bar What’s better than a Klondike Bar? Nothing. But if you ask a dog, they’ll tell you that a Jones Natural Chew is better than a Klondike Bar. And in the dog world, that would be the right answer. I spent Saturday with my homesteading friends, and their dogs all agree … Read moreBetter Than a Klondike Bar

The Farmer’s Pet Dog

English Bulldog

The Farmer’s Pet Dog Have you ever wondered what kind of dog a farmer would choose as a pet? I attended a state barrel racing competition, and there were dogs everywhere! I made a huge assumption, that the dogs I met at the competition are the farmer’s pet dog. You’ll see. Only a handful are … Read moreThe Farmer’s Pet Dog

National Get Over It Day

Get Over It! Today is National Get Over It Day. Can you believe it? How do you feel when someone tells you to just get over it? Granted, sometimes it needs to be said. But no one really wants to hear it, do they? Today we’ll take a look at some dogs who might just … Read moreNational Get Over It Day

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