My Dogs Hate Rain, Giveaway

Wash the dog

My Dogs Hate Rain Can I just tell you how much my dogs hate rain? Some dogs love it. Some dogs love getting wet, playing in puddles, catching the rain in their mouths as it falls. Not my dogs. My dogs hate rain. When we lived in Florida it was a different story. Rain fell … Read moreMy Dogs Hate Rain, Giveaway

Rainy Day Dogs, FBM 220

Affenpinscher puppy is not a rainy day dog

Rainy Day Dogs Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today’s Rainy Day Dogs are a tribute to my own senior dogs last night. It stormed all night long – thunder and lightning, bright and loud. Flash and Patches paced and panted till Hunny put them in the bathroom so he could sleep. Storms are tough on old … Read moreRainy Day Dogs, FBM 220

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