Westminster Agility, FBM 212

Westminster at the Piers - Westminster agility

Westminster Agility The road to Westminster is a long one. A tough road for both dog and handler. Westminster agility adds another layer of work. Well worth the work, though, for both. This morning a friend sent me a clip from the agility portion which happened this weekend, so I went hunting for the dog … Read moreWestminster Agility, FBM 212

Westminster, NYC

Basset Hound at Westminster

Westminster Dog Show is the country’s second oldest sport, next to the Kentucky Derby. Yes, the Westminster Dog Show is a sport, and for good reason. Do you know its beginnings? “Westminster gets its name from a long gone hotel in Manhattan. There, sporting gentlemen used to meet in the bar to drink and lie … Read moreWestminster, NYC

Things I Realized At Westminster

Westminster Border Terrier

There are a couple of things I realized at Westminster this week that I’d like to share. And no, no photos today. I’m exhausted. New York City ROCKS, but it’s also tiring. And energizing. Okay, so maybe one photo. Or two. But that’s it. Are we good? So here’s what I realized at Westminster: The … Read moreThings I Realized At Westminster

Westminster 139th Dog Show

Millie in the snow

Westminster Kennel Club is holding their 139th dog show in a couple of weeks at Madison Square Garden in New York City. A couple of years ago an ugly Affenpinscher won best of show.   Here’s the deal – Jones Natural Chews is sending me to New York to attend the 13th annual dog show … Read moreWestminster 139th Dog Show

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