West Highland White Terrier, Breed of the Week

Preston Speaks, an adorable white Westie

West Highland White Terrier I’m in surgery today, so enjoy a gently used post from the past I met the cutest dog you’d ever want to see this weekend. Do y’all know Preston, from Preston Speaks? He’s a West Highland White Terrier, or Westie. Is he not the most adorable dog you’ve ever seen? As … Read moreWest Highland White Terrier, Breed of the Week

Is My Dog a Terrier?

Staffordshire Terrier

Instead of a single breed, today I’m highlighting a class of dogs, the Terriers. I went searching for them, thinking that Chewy is a Terrier. Chewy is an Affenpinscher mutt, but the Affenpinscher isn’t on the Terrier list for the AKC, even though the name, translated from the German, means Monkey Terrier. The Affen is … Read moreIs My Dog a Terrier?

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