Breed of the Week – Weimaraner

Weimaraner wants a treat

Breed of the Week – Weimaraner The breed of the week is the Weimaraner, a medium sized hunting dog. Some of y’all might know this breed via Goose, or because of Sesame Street. He said ironically. I think this took place at Hogwart’s. Y’all didn’t know there were Weims at Hogwart’s? Me either. What is … Read moreBreed of the Week – Weimaraner

Wordless Wednesday

Brussels Griffon

Yes, I’m taking a brief break from Breed of the Week and participating in Wordless Wednesday. It’s a breed day, don’t get me wrong. I’d like it to be a photo day (out late, having my picture taken with Weird Al), just reviewing past breeds we’ve seen here. I was able to treat most of … Read moreWordless Wednesday

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