Dog Treats Made in America

Made in the USA, certified - all Jones Natural Chews bear this symbol with pride

Dog Treats Made in America Today’s post, Dog Treats Made in America, is a gently used post from days of old. Enjoy! I often talk about how Jones Natural Chews are 100% all natural. And they are. That’s a pretty amazing thing, considering that they’re meat and bones, not cookie treats. No fancy coatings or … Read more

Venison Entree Sausage Giveaway

Great Pyrenees puppy loves Venison Entree Sausage

Venison Entree Sausage Etrius, a Great Pyrenees puppy about three and a half months old, came to visit this weekend. He heard I had Venison Entree Sausage from Jones Natural Chews, and he wanted to try out his cute look, see if he could score some treats. I hear he’s been practicing the puppy dog … Read more

Venison Entree Sausage Giveaway

Good dogs get good treats

It’s the first Tasty Tuesday of the month, and that means a giveaway! And good news for you dog lovers out there – we’ll be bumping our giveaways up to two a month! So today it’s the Venison Entree Sausage giveaway! Rules for the giveaway will be at the bottom of today’s post. Take a … Read more

Thank God It’s Friday, and Contest Winner

So Patient

TGIF! Can we all say thank God it’s Friday?! I have a big batch of catch up for today. I love you guys and am enjoying getting to know dog bloggers. I thought I’d return the favor with a glimpse of my week, dogs and otherwise. Here’s a part of my story. My oldest child, … Read more

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