Pork Heart Dog Valentine

Jones Natural Chews Pumper - a Pork Heart Dog Valentine

Pork Heart Dog Valentine Wednesday It’s a BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday (where we’re never wordless), and because we’re hosting a Jones Natural Chews Pumpers giveaway right now, it’s a Pork Heart Dog Valentine Wednesday! Is your dog your Valentine? Mine sure is. Little Gadget has captured my heart. And because he has, he also captures plenty … Read morePork Heart Dog Valentine

Valentine Dog Treats, Giveaway

Valentine Dog Treats Jones Natural Chews has Valentine dog treats. How cool is that? And today we’re hosting a giveaway for one lucky dog! Take a look at the adorable canister the treats come in, then I’ll tell you all about them. First, I love this canister because I can continue to store loose treats … Read moreValentine Dog Treats, Giveaway

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