Pumpers – Treats Dogs Love

I worry about my dogs, but not this ugly one

Pumpers – Treats Dogs Love It’s Valentine’s month, and that means hearts! Pumpers, treats dogs love, are on the menu! Of course, dogs love all of the Jones Natural Chews menu, but these treats are perfect for February. Why, you ask? Let Jones tell you for themselves, then my crew of handsome mutts will show … Read morePumpers – Treats Dogs Love

Treats Dogs Love, Naturally

Kato Jack "nose" what's best

Treats Dogs Love Valentine’s Day is coming, so it’s important to find treats dogs love for your pooch. Fortunately, that’s easy enough to do. Dogs eat just about anything, right? But not all of those treats are actually good for your dog. You’re in luck, though, because I know of treats dogs love that are … Read moreTreats Dogs Love, Naturally

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