Bedlington Terrier, Star Wars Dog

Groomed Bedlington

HAVE YOU ENTERED THE ALL NATURAL TREAT GIVEAWAY? DO IT NOW! Have you ever seen a Bedlington Terrier? Y’all, I was at Westminster, looking at more dogs than I could shake a stick at, and came across the Bedlington Terrier. All I could think was, “This isn’t a real dog.” Then, “This is a Star … Read moreBedlington Terrier, Star Wars Dog

Terriers, Breed of the Week

Ricky the Terrier mix

Terriers Y’all, I have such a time telling Terriers apart. Chewy is a type of Terrier, with his probable Affenpinscher self. Gadget, my mom’s newest dog, is probably a Brussels Griffon, which is a Terrier. Jan’s dog, Ricky, is definitely a Terrier, but I have no clue what type. What Is a Terrier? So what … Read moreTerriers, Breed of the Week

Road Trip Dogs

Pudgy the costumed Bulldog

Today is solely photos. The road trip dogs! I met so many while out and about for two weeks, all beauties! And I don’t remember all of their names, but I’d like to introduce them to you anyway. 🙂 And I shall stop here. Be prepared for more road trip dog photos tomorrow! Large dogs, … Read moreRoad Trip Dogs

Is My Dog a Terrier?

Staffordshire Terrier

Instead of a single breed, today I’m highlighting a class of dogs, the Terriers. I went searching for them, thinking that Chewy is a Terrier. Chewy is an Affenpinscher mutt, but the Affenpinscher isn’t on the Terrier list for the AKC, even though the name, translated from the German, means Monkey Terrier. The Affen is … Read moreIs My Dog a Terrier?

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