Pumper and Dino Bone Giveaway

Wee dog eats a bit of baked pig heart

Happy Tasty Tuesday! Today we’re giving away either a Jones Natural Chews Pumper (a baked pig heart), or a Dino Bone (a beef leg bone). I brought both along last week when visiting a friend’s dog, not remembering what kind of dog she had (she’d just adopted her last month). Let’s take a look at Maggie … Read morePumper and Dino Bone Giveaway

The Braided Sticks from Jones Chews

Patient pups wait for treats

One of our two all-natural, grown and made in the USA treats this month is the Braided Stick. I had the pleasure, last night, of explaining, yet again, the true nature of the Bully Stick. This time it was an entire family gathered ’round and the jokes went on for awhile. See this post if … Read moreThe Braided Sticks from Jones Chews

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