A Trembling Dog

Shih Tzu

A Trembling Dog We have a strange situation with my mom’s Shih Tzu, Honey. She’s a trembling dog. Let me tell you about it and see if you all can help us figure this out? (Today’s post is gently recycled. I’ll tell you, at the end, what we figured out with our trembling dog scenario.) … Read moreA Trembling Dog

Doggy Visitors

Sky, our latest Doggy Visitor

Doggy Visitors Do your dogs ever have other doggy visitors? (Today’s post is a gently used one from days past) Flash and Patches aren’t usually keen on other dogs invading their home turf, but eventually they adjust to it. Eventually. It took a long time for them to relax when my mom and her little … Read moreDoggy Visitors

Gadget Has Settled In

A natural Mohawk on a dog

The dog has declared this house, this people, all the Jones Natural Chews, as his own. Gadget has settled in. This little dog, who was found on the side of the highway near Atlanta, made the trip all over the south to get to Tulsa, lived with my mom and her Honey, endured surgery for … Read moreGadget Has Settled In

Ducklings at BlogPaws

Kona dog and the Blog Paws duckling - Back to back conferences

I’m home from a wild adventure! I met plenty of new people and dogs, as well as other pets, at BlogPaws in Nashville. And this year the Jones Natural Chews booth made lots of new friends. We had ducklings. Who doesn’t love ducklings?! So yes, there were ducklings at BlogPaws. We got the same question … Read moreDucklings at BlogPaws

Silent Dog Fight

Silent dog fight on the couch

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Since I’m never wordless, I thought I’d do the next best thing and bring you a dog fight. A nearly silent one. My wee pups fight hard, but they do so quietly. You almost don’t know that they’re having a rousing game of bitey face unless you stumble on it happening. The … Read moreSilent Dog Fight

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