Choosing the Right Chew

Rocky Juggles treats all day long

Choosing the Right Chew Tuesdays are chew days. Today we’re going to talk about choosing the right chew for your dog. I am, in fact, consulting with the Jones Natural Chew site. Typically, when I have a question about a chew and a dog, I text or email Suzy at JNC and just ask, but … Read moreChoosing the Right Chew

How Much is Too Much?

Flash and Patches - Processing loss is so much harder when you've made the decision to help senior dogs cross the Rainbow Bridge

HAVE YOU ENTERED THE GIVEAWAY? IT ENDS TONIGHT! CLICK HERE!!! How much is too much? Do you ask yourself that when giving your dog treats? They love treats SO MUCH! How could you refuse that begging face?! I tend to get on my high horse with the question “How much is too much?” And dang … Read moreHow Much is Too Much?

Spring Fling Dog Treat

Bacon roll yumminess

Spring Fling Dog Treat We highlight two treats from Jones Natural Chews every month, and this month they’re two of Jones newest treats! We took a look at the Bare Knuckle last week, so today we’ll see what’s in the Spring Fling. Let’s disassemble this yummy disk! What’s Inside the Spring Fling From Jones Natural … Read moreSpring Fling Dog Treat

Dogs Destroy, FBM 121

Sad little Gadget swears that he didn't destroy a thing - dog caught eating trash? Not in this house.

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Y’all, dogs destroy things. Today’s post, Dogs Destroy WHAT?!?, is a great argument for crating your dog when you leave the house. Or leave the room. Have you ever wondered what happens when you go to work? We’re going to take a look at some footage showing just what dogs destroy … Read moreDogs Destroy, FBM 121

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