Global Pet Expo, Orlando

Rolling on the Couch

Shelter update – I called the humane society this morning about the volunteer class and they are still behind from the holidays. They’ll be letting people know when the next class is scheduled. *sigh* So I wait. And hope that they don’t stretch this out until late February and schedule it while I’m out of … Read moreGlobal Pet Expo, Orlando

Dogs Going for a Ride

In the car, dogs riding

Dogs Going for a Ride It’s the holidays. We’re kicking back. Just me and my dogs, going for a ride. Yep. If I’m alone in the car, I made a promise to myself a long time ago, the windows are down for the dogs, regardless of the weather. Why should I have all the fun? … Read moreDogs Going for a Ride

Day 5 & 6 – Road Trip, Get Me HOME!

Outside of Omaha

Six days of driving a stick shift truck are fun, don’t get me wrong. But once business was over, this hoss just wanted to head for the barn. I’m so glad I didn’t drive straight home, though. Driving straight across Iowa to get to Omaha, NE, just to see someone else’s chickens was well worth … Read moreDay 5 & 6 – Road Trip, Get Me HOME!

Day 4 – A Renaissance Treat

This cow is ... different

Day four’s adventure is – THE RENAISSANCE FAIRE! Before jumping in my Hunny’s little truck to head to Illinois, I made headpieces for myself, Laura and Suzy. You know. So we’d fit in at the Ren Faire. I totally forgot to make headpieces for Fred and Bessie. What was I thinking? We picked up Suzy at … Read moreDay 4 – A Renaissance Treat

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