Global Pet Expo, Orlando

Rolling on the Couch

Shelter update – I called the humane society this morning about the volunteer class and they are still behind from the holidays. They’ll be letting people know when the next class is scheduled. *sigh* So I wait. And hope that they don’t stretch this out until late February and schedule it while I’m out of … Read more

Weekend Plans

Patches only like to wade in the shallows

What are your weekend plans? Do they include man’s best friend? Should they? I’m always curious to know where other people take their dogs. Whether or not others include their dogs in outings. Ours come with us when we go dog-friendly places. Like to the Illinois River for the day. They’ve been camping with us … Read more

Day 5 & 6 – Road Trip, Get Me HOME!

Outside of Omaha

Six days of driving a stick shift truck are fun, don’t get me wrong. But once business was over, this hoss just wanted to head for the barn. I’m so glad I didn’t drive straight home, though. Driving straight across Iowa to get to Omaha, NE, just to see someone else’s chickens was well worth … Read more

Day 4 – A Renaissance Treat

This cow is ... different

Day four’s adventure is –┬áTHE RENAISSANCE FAIRE! Before jumping in my Hunny’s little truck to head to Illinois, I made headpieces for myself, Laura and Suzy. You know. So we’d fit in at the Ren Faire. I totally forgot to make headpieces for Fred and Bessie. What was I thinking? We picked up Suzy at … Read more

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