All Natural Treat Giveaway

Rat Terrier checks out the Shank Bone

Happy Tasty Tuesday, everyone! Our all natural treat giveaway, which happens the first Tuesday of every month, features the Steer Sticks and the L Bone, both single ingredient treats from Jones Natural Chews. And we have two lovely dogs, today, who were willing to show off the chewability of these yummy treats! A couple of … Read moreAll Natural Treat Giveaway

Terriers, Breed of the Week

Ricky the Terrier mix

Terriers Y’all, I have such a time telling Terriers apart. Chewy is a type of Terrier, with his probable Affenpinscher self. Gadget, my mom’s newest dog, is probably a Brussels Griffon, which is a Terrier. Jan’s dog, Ricky, is definitely a Terrier, but I have no clue what type. What Is a Terrier? So what … Read moreTerriers, Breed of the Week

Is My Dog a Terrier?

Staffordshire Terrier

Instead of a single breed, today I’m highlighting a class of dogs, the Terriers. I went searching for them, thinking that Chewy is a Terrier. Chewy is an Affenpinscher mutt, but the Affenpinscher isn’t on the Terrier list for the AKC, even though the name, translated from the German, means Monkey Terrier. The Affen is … Read moreIs My Dog a Terrier?

Can a Grooming Soap Stop Shedding?

Handsome Rat Terrier

Can a grooming soap stop shedding? Let’s find out.  And yes, today I announce the winner of the Jones treats. If you didn’t win, you can still head to Emma’s blog for a try at winning yummy Lamb Lung Puffs or Windee Rings. But y’all, this soap … Max the Rat Terrier is with us until … Read moreCan a Grooming Soap Stop Shedding?

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