How Do I Know When It’s Time?

Loving her Basset Hound

How Do I Know When It’s Time? Flash and Patches went to the vet last week. Their joints hurt. They pant all the time. They’re 15 years old. I’ve never been this far along in the aging journey with a dog, so I asked the vet, “How do I know when it’s time?” First she … Read moreHow Do I Know When It’s Time?

Saying Goodbye to a Friend

Smiling Golden Retriever, Sugar

Saying Goodbye to a Friend Saying goodbye is always tough. Saying goodbye to a good friend, knowing it’s permanent, is brutal. Last week we said goodbye to one of the most beautiful dog friends one can imagine – Sugar the Golden Retriever. Our hearts broke when her mother announced that she’d crossed the Rainbow Bridge. … Read moreSaying Goodbye to a Friend

The Rainbow Bridge

Cute cat

When I wrote, Monday, that we were having a sad day with the cat, I didn’t know what the outcome would be. Bosco has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and way too early. This is a cautionary tale, as well as a very sad one. I’m trying very hard not to beat myself up about this. … Read moreThe Rainbow Bridge

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