Puppy Kisses, FBM 159

Puppy kisses a Jones Natural Chew on Manic Monday

Puppy kisses! I know, I know – last Funny Bone Monday was all about puppies, but PUPPIES! And I’m giving a little bit away about the treats this month by posting puppies again. We’re going to be discussing great treats for destructive puppy chewing habits. We don’t have to put up with those habits. But … Read morePuppy Kisses, FBM 159

Yorkie Poo Puppy

Snuggling with a Yorkie Poo

Today we’ll spend some time with Watson, the Yorkie Poo Terrier mix. I don’t know much about designer dogs, so I’m taking this opportunity to learn. Say hi to Watson! That button nose just kills me. Let’s look at characteristics of the Yorkie Poo. Here’s what PetGuide has to say about this “breed”. Active and … Read moreYorkie Poo Puppy

Pig Ear Snacks

Slightly gnawed Pig Ear Snack

OMD – Pig Ear Snacks! Y’all, I have yet to meet a dog that doesn’t love a Pig Ear. But small dogs shouldn’t eat an entire Pig Ear. So! There are Pig Ear Snacks! And what do I mean by small dogs? Chewy, at 12 pounds, is a small dog. I give him the Pig … Read morePig Ear Snacks

Running Puppies, FBM 93

Excited dogs on the blog today, with funny dog videos

Running puppies are the cutest things EVER! My bestie sent me a video of running Dachshund puppies and that sparked today’s running puppies videos. Stay tuned, at the end, for the announcement of the Wheezer Stick winner! The first video is short, but adorable. CORGI PUPPIES!!! *SQUEEEEE* And the Pomeranian in this next one … … Read moreRunning Puppies, FBM 93

Adorable Puppies, FBM 83

Six Weeks Old

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today we enjoy some absolutely adorable puppies! Maybe if I watch enough adorable puppy videos, I won’t want to get another puppy any time soon. What do you mean, that’s not the way it works?!? That’s totally the way it works. Here. You try it. Seriously, y’all – who wants a … Read moreAdorable Puppies, FBM 83

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