Happy Birthday, Blog! FBM 130

Happy birthday wishes to yoooooooou!

Happy birthday, Blog! And happy Funny Bone Monday! July is the blog’s third birthday and we’re so excited to have three years of talking about dogs and treats and all natural goodness from Jones Natural Chews under our belts! To help us celebrate, I’ve been scouring the interwebs for fun videos of dogs celebrating birthdays, … Read more

Counter Surfing, FBM 125

Rabbits eat dog food?!?

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today’s fun videos are counter surfing dogs! Jan, at Justice for Pookie, alerted me to the first one, and I love it! You will, too, but maybe not for the same reason I do. You’ll see … I have counter surfing dogs. Well, table surfers, really. But the real reason I … Read more

Swimming Dogs, FBM 122

Asking for advice for my little dogs www.dogtreatweb.com

Summer is right around the corner! Are your dogs swimsuit ready? I kid. And happy Funny Bone Monday! Your dog may not wear a swimsuit, but plenty of dogs love water, and if you have a swimming dog, you’ll love today’s funny videos about swimming dogs! That poor Sisyphus dog. Doomed to failure. They could … Read more

Sneezing Cats and Dogs, FBM 119

Jones Natural Chews likes cats, too

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today’s focus is sneezing cats and dogs. Why? Well, it’s not really a happy anything here today. I’ve been sick for days, hence the sneezing cats and dogs, and I’m running late because I took Bosco the cat to the vet this morning. It’s not a good story. He’ll be there … Read more

Funny Ducks and Dogs, FBM 113

Jimmy the Duck on a snowy Day

Frisbee winners will be announced at the bottom of today’s post! Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today we’re talking about funny ducks and dogs. Why? because Jimmy and Chewy romped this weekend. Out first video is a little long, but it’s sweet and funny. If you’re short on time, skip to about 2:50 and watch. The … Read more

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