Kevin’s Bully Bone Giveaway

Kevin's Bully Bone Giveaway

Kevin’s Bully Bone Giveaway Kevin is a beautiful white Boxer. Kevin is having his very own Bully Bone giveaway. Kevin’s Bully Bone Giveaway is what your dog is all about. First, meet the Bully Bone. What’s a Bully Bone? The Bully Bone is every small to medium size dog’s dream chew come true. There are … Read moreKevin’s Bully Bone Giveaway

Windee – What the Heck Is It?

Windee – What the Heck Is It? People often ask, when I give this amazing, all natural treat to their dog, “What the heck is a Windee?!” Look at this dog treat and ask yourself that question. Luckily for you, I know the answer to that question. The Windee is a cow’s trachea, or windpipe. Sound … Read moreWindee – What the Heck Is It?

Making Dogs Smile is My Specialty

Making dogs smile with the Hoof from Jones Natural Chews

Making Dogs Smile is My Specialty If you don’t believe it, just ask a dog. Making dogs smile is actually super easy if you know the trick – Jones Natural Chews. You can do it, too. Take a look at how easy it is. This week and last we’re taking a look at the Spring … Read moreMaking Dogs Smile is My Specialty

The Problem With a Jealous Dog

Flash and Patches - Processing loss is so much harder when you've made the decision to help senior dogs cross the Rainbow Bridge

HAVE YOU ENTERED THE GIVEAWAY? I think I have a problem with a jealous dog. I think. Well, I’m pretty sure. We have two cats now, for the first time in years (we’ve been a one cat family for more than a decade). Say hi to Velveeta and Beyonce’. Flash and Patches have never liked … Read moreThe Problem With a Jealous Dog

Friends Add Life, FBM 148

Flats hanging out with friends at BarkWorld

Friends add life. On my recent road trip, I stopped and visited a multitude of friends, dragging a three day conference out for nearly two weeks. Why? Because … friends! Unfortunately, or fortunately for you, I didn’t get photos with everyone I stopped to see. And I was hopeful that my dogs would make new … Read moreFriends Add Life, FBM 148

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