The Standard Poodle, or Spoo

Black Standard Poodle at AKC National Agility Trials

The Standard Poodle, or Spoo Yes, another recycled post. But today’s post features Standard Poodles, or Spoos, which I met at my very first BlogPaws blogging conference. I’ll be attending BlogPaws next week (*SQUEEEEE*), and I need to run about a million errands today, as well as dump everything from my suitcase and bags, check … Read moreThe Standard Poodle, or Spoo

Abandoned Chickens

Black sex link urban chicken

Abandoned chickens – are they a problem? Jones Natural Chews is concerned with animals and their welfare, and especially with the animal-human bond. We donate monthly to non-profits which help humans and their pets, like PACT for Animals, as well as to fundraisers designed to aid dogs and pets in need. But do we help … Read moreAbandoned Chickens

Ducklings at BlogPaws

Kona dog and the Blog Paws duckling - Back to back conferences

I’m home from a wild adventure! I met plenty of new people and dogs, as well as other pets, at BlogPaws in Nashville. And this year the Jones Natural Chews booth made lots of new friends. We had ducklings. Who doesn’t love ducklings?! So yes, there were ducklings at BlogPaws. We got the same question … Read moreDucklings at BlogPaws

Hounds and Hens

Spotted tripawd

Happy Wordless Wednesday! This weekend I traded one chick for two. Constance was the size of the other four chicks combined (she’s a broiler chick), so I met up with another chicken person and traded off. This chicken person had full grown beauties in her yard. And dogs! Five dogs. I didn’t catch their names. … Read moreHounds and Hens

A Quiet Wednesday,

Almost ours

It’s a quiet Wednesday. At least, I assume it is. I’m winging my way back to Tulsa from New York, probably exhausted. I’ve been to a Pug Wedding, a Dog Writer’s Banquet, and to the 139th annual Westminster Dog Show. So at this point in the journey, I’m hoping, for future-me, that it’s a quiet … Read moreA Quiet Wednesday,

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