Kevins Friends Are Cool

Kevins friends are cool because they like Jones Natural Chews

Kevins Friends Are Cool

I love the Wednesday after a Jones Natural Chews dog treat giveaway. It means that I’ve probably done a dog photo shoot somewhere, and that I’ll have all kinds of extra photos for story telling on BlogPaws’ Wordless Wednesday blog hop. Today’s story? Kevins friends are cool. Y’all met Kevin yesterday when he was giving away a Bully Bone to some lucky dog (he’s still giving it away, if you’ll just click this sentence).

Back Story

First thing y’all need to know? It was a red solo cup type of party.

Kevins friends are cool, and Kevin is pretty awesome, too
It’s not a party until Jones Natural Chews shows up with the treats.

Second? Kevins friends are cool. Have I already said that? It’s true. Say hi to Bradley. That’s just a cool name for a Boxer boy.

friends1Kevin's friends are cool, and Bradley is super hot
Whoa, there, big boy! Personal space much?

Kevin and Bradley live together. It’s a frat boy kind of thing. I didn’t see a keg when I walked in – there were small children at the party, so it was probably tucked out of sight somewhere – but the crowd was having a good time. Kevin himself was the coolest dawg at the party.

Kevin's friends are cool, and Kevin is pretty awesome, too
Kevin chills in the shade while his friends are playing Frisbee somewhere on the lawn.

And There’s Always That One Friend …

There’s always that one friend. No one knows his name. No one knows who invited him. He’s just there.

Kevin's friends are cool - and on leashes
I didn’t catch this guy’s name, but he got the attention of all the girls.

And he came for the free food and drinks, right? I mean, Kevin

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