Frenchies Love the Hoof

Beauty and the Hoof

My friend, Colleen, has the most adorable French Bulldog and Boston Terrier you’ve ever seen, Ginger and Dixie. Colleen lives in Virginia and was asking where she could find Jones Natural Chews near her. Honey, there are Tractor Supply stores all OVER Virginia. So Colleen found some Hooves and Center Bones. Then sent me photos. … Read moreFrenchies Love the Hoof

Hoof for Dogs

Affenpinscher with his favorite chew - the Hoof for Dogs

Hoof for Dogs The Hoof for dogs in the Canine Christmas Crunchers stocking from Jones Natural Chews continues to be a favorite for dogs. Hoof posts perennially have the highest search numbers on the blog, and my own dogs guard them with their lives. It’s crazy. All for a cow’s toenail. This morning, for instance, my little … Read moreHoof for Dogs

Hooves Are Just Giant Toenails

Stinky chewed Hoof

You heard me. Hooves are just giant toenails. It’s the truth. One of the featured treats for Jones Natural Chews, this month, is the Hoof. Dogs either go bananas for Hooves, or they completely ignore them. And yes, Hooves are toenails of cows, slow baked to perfection. Jones Hooves are single ingredient treats, with no … Read moreHooves Are Just Giant Toenails

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