Things Not to Do With Your Dog

An all natural little dog

Things Not to Do With Your Dog Things Not to Do With Your Dog is a gently recycled post. Next week I’ll have photos of beautiful dogs which are visiting this week. That’s not to say my photos will do them justice … Today’s list of things not to do with your dog is brought … Read moreThings Not to Do With Your Dog

Traveling Funnies, FBM 147

Gadget and Bitsy, chill

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today’s funny videos are of traveling dogs, in honor of  my road trip. While you’re reading this, I’m driving from Jackson, MS, to Duluth, GA. I love road trips. And stay tuned, at the end of this post for the winners of the Trick or Treat Giveaway, hosted by Kol’s Notes … Read moreTraveling Funnies, FBM 147

Dogs in Costumes, FBM 146

Senior Aussie mixes wait for a Jones Natural Chew

Happy Funny Bone Monday! If you haven’t already, tap here to open another window to enter our Twister beef bully stick giveaway, then here to open another window to see all of the current Jones Natural Chews giveaways in progress. Your dog will thank you. Naturally. So are you dressing your dog for Halloween this … Read moreDogs in Costumes, FBM 146

Funny Old Dogs, FBM 145

Man's best friend loves Jones Natural Chews on National Mutt Day and every day

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today we announce the Beef Saddle Knuckle winner, but first, a tribute to funny old dogs. My own senior Aussie mixes are in the last days and it’s breaking my heart. So we’re going to enjoy funny old dogs together today, yes?   What a sweetheart. I can’t tell you how … Read moreFunny Old Dogs, FBM 145

Pool Shark, er, Dog, FBM 144

Trick or Treat giveaways coming SOON!

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Before we launch into funny videos of pool sharks, I mean pool dogs, a couple of notes. Enter the Beef Saddle Knuckle giveaway if you haven’t already! A beefy bone from Jones Natural Chews will make your dog smile. Naturally. Coming soon! A Trick or Treat blog hop sponsored by Kol’s … Read morePool Shark, er, Dog, FBM 144

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