Giving Birth, FBM 213

Baby Chewy well before his Gotcha Day, helping celebrate Frankie's birthday

Giving Birth Y’all, whether we like it or not, spring has come early to much of the nation. Giving birth is a natural thing this time of year. Birds are building nests outside my front door. The hens have begun laying again, Roadkill is all over the place (critters don’t look both ways during mating … Read moreGiving Birth, FBM 213

Super Commercials, FBM 211

Liza the Bull Terrier foster dog needs a home

Super Commercials Did you watch the Super Bowl last night? Do you watch just for the super commercials? I’ll tell you a little secret about myself. I don’t watch football. My siblings and I were football orphans growing up, and I know the game, but no longer care for it. When I do watch a … Read moreSuper Commercials, FBM 211

Whatever You Like, FBM 173

Whatever You Like, Bully N Beef pizzle and trachea dog treat from Jones Natural Chews

Whatever You Like Whatever You Like is a cool song about a guy who’ll give his girl whatever she wants. I think. Sounds like it. And how many of us say this to our dogs? “You can have whatever you like.” Psh – I do. Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today’s funny videos are all about giving … Read moreWhatever You Like, FBM 173

Musical Dogs, FBM 168

Musical dogs vs Jimmy the Duck

Musical Dogs Musical dogs make for great video. Happy Funny Bone Monday, everyone! Stay tuned to the end, where we’ll announce the winner of The Adventures of Coco le Chat, the book (not an affiliate link – I just know you’ll want your own copy if you don’t win)! But first, let’s smile and laugh … Read moreMusical Dogs, FBM 168

Cats and Dogs, FBM 167

Cute cat

Cats and Dogs Cats and dogs have been both friends and enemies, probably since the dawn of time. This Funny Bone Monday we take a look at their relationship, in preparation for a fun, special giveaway tomorrow! Something different. And stay tuned till the end to find out who won last week’s Jones Natural Chews … Read moreCats and Dogs, FBM 167

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