The Eighties Called … FBM 59

About to romp in the snow

DISCLAIMER: I did not watch the Super Bowl. As some of you know, I do not own a television. I have sensory issues, so I’m happy about not owning a TV. But I did see some of the Super Bowl commercials. I’m only going to post one of the funny commercials here, since, if you’re … Read more

Funny Dogs Exercising, FBM 58

Suave old dog

Happy Funny Bone Monday! How many of us have made it our New Year’s resolution to lose weight? Eat healthier? Exercise? And along with Slim Doggy, how many of us are exercising with our dogs? I thought funny dogs exercising would be a nice reminder for those of us who’ve fallen off the resolution wagon … Read more

Funny Dogs in Shoes, FBM 57

Sugar Yoda

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today’s videos, funny dogs in shoes, put me in mind of Sugar Golden Woofs and her pretty purple shoes, which she wears so well. Dogs like Sugar wear shoes for a reason. In Sugar’s case, she has allergies and loves to be outdoors, so the shoes allow her to be active … Read more

Funny Bone Monday, 41

Jimmy goes swimming

Welcome to Funny Bone Monday, where we post funny dog videos to make you smile! Last week I told you that my Hunny sends me funny dog videos, but sometimes my oldest son does, too. He sent me a particularly cute funny dog video this weekend: That about killed me. And since it’s fall (HOORAY!), … Read more

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