Dirt Road Anthem, FBM 223

Dirt Road Anthem - heading to the farm to see farm dogs

Dirt Road Anthem Happy Funny Bone Monday! A lot of y’all know that I love Weird Al. Maybe you think it’s the only music I listen to. You wouldn’t be far from wrong. But I do like good country music. Yesterday, heading out to visit our homesteading friends, I captured the image above when we … Read more

Happy Dogs, FBM 221

Happy dogs love Jones Natural Chews!

Happy Dogs Happy Funny Bone Monday! A friend tagged me, on Facebook, in a fantastic dog video which I just had to share, and it prompted today’s theme – happy dogs! Because who doesn’t love a happy dog? Y’all, meet Stella, quite possibly the happiest dog in the world. I just LOVE this video! Happy … Read more

Excited Dogs, FBM 217

Excited dogs on the blog today, with funny dog videos

Excited Dogs Happy Funny Bone Monday a little late! I chose today’s topic, excited dogs, because I’m excited about announcing the winners of TWO treat giveaways today! The first day of spring is pretty exciting, too! So let’s get to watching excited dogs, yes? My dogs get pretty excited when we turn the car into … Read more

Gone Fishing, FBM 214


Gone Fishing If you haven’t noticed, spring has come early. We discussed this last week. Keep up. So we’ve gone fishing. Well, not really. I don’t fish. The rule in our house is, you catch ’em, you clean ’em. I do not clean fish. But! Dogs fish! Don’t believe me? Take a look. And happy … Read more

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