Rainy Day Dogs, FBM 220

Affenpinscher puppy is not a rainy day dog

Rainy Day Dogs Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today’s Rainy Day Dogs are a tribute to my own senior dogs last night. It stormed all night long – thunder and lightning, bright and loud. Flash and Patches paced and panted till Hunny put them in the bathroom so he could sleep. Storms are tough on old … Read moreRainy Day Dogs, FBM 220

Dog Doesn’t Do Mondays, FBM 219

Sleeping yellow lab pup doesn't do Mondays

Dog Doesn’t Do Mondays This dog doesn’t do Mondays. By this dog I mean me. Y’all, I’m dragging today. Do you know why I started Funny Bone Monday? Years and years ago, I had my own blog, The Good Flea. Mondays were pretty tough. The kids would all go to school. Hunny would leave for … Read moreDog Doesn’t Do Mondays, FBM 219

Silly Goose, FBM 184

My pet silly goose

Silly Goose Once upon a time, I had a silly goose. His name was Ryan Gosling. Say hi to Ryan, everyone! I miss that silly goose. And he lived up to the reputation of geese. What? You don’t know about the goose reputation?! Heh. Do you enjoy seeing other people in pain and misery? Do … Read moreSilly Goose, FBM 184

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