Happy Frenchies, FBM 209

Louie the French Dog - happy Frenchies

Happy Frenchies Happy Funny Bone Monday! Happy Frenchies are on the docket today. These clownish little dogs, with their giant ears and smooshed faces, make people smile. What French Bulldog wouldn’t make us smile? So happy Frenchies it is. We’ll start with an adorable compilation of Frenchies. Our next happy Frenchies video made the cut … Read moreHappy Frenchies, FBM 209

Mini BlogPaws, Tulsa

Mini BlogPaws in Tulsa www.DogTreatWeb.com

Mini BlogPaws, Tulsa A mini BlogPaws happened in Tulsa this week. WARNING: Today’s post is photo-heavy. I know I’ve been moaning about not being able to attend BlogPaws last week, and rightly so – it’s the biggest dog blogging event there is, and all my bloggy friends attended. Not going is a sad thing. Plus, … Read moreMini BlogPaws, Tulsa

Big Things Planned

Louie the French Dog - happy Frenchies

Big Things Planned While I’m recovering from surgery, guest blogger Louie the French Dog stops in to say hello and announce big things planned. Mama says there are big things planned for us next month. The annual pet blogging conference, called BlogPaws, is being hosted in Phoenix from June 23-25. I went last year, with … Read moreBig Things Planned

Louie the French Dog

Louie the French Dog, attending BlogPaws right now

Louie the French Dog is our guest blogger today. He’s my SBFF. You can follow Louie on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I remember the first time I met Flea. I was sitting at home in my crate, waiting for mom to come home, when a strange lady came in the door instead. She brought suitcases with … Read moreLouie the French Dog

BlogPaws Meet’n’Greet

Big Things Planned - Louie the French Dog at BlogPaws

Welcome to Nashville!! Jones Natural Chews will be updating Twitter and Facebook from BlogPaws! Today I’ll just be running a few photos by you. First? Driving through Nashville in pouring rain, this place caught my eye. Laura and I set up the booth last night. We saw plenty of dogs at the BlogPaws meet’n’greet. And … Read moreBlogPaws Meet’n’Greet

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