Easter Bunny Funnies, FBM 215

Easter Bunny Funnies Mardi Gras is over (and I didn’t have a piece of King Cake – boo!), and Easter is looming. So today we have, for Funny Bone Monday, Easter Bunny Funnies! Naturally that means funny videos of rabbits and dogs. My own dogs are NOT fans of indoor rabbits, but some dogs get … Read moreEaster Bunny Funnies, FBM 215

Easter Bunny vs Dog, FBM 166

Peaceful moment - not a wild hare

Dog vs Easter Bunny Who wins in a showdown of Easter Bunny vs dog? Welcome to today’s Funny Bone Monday! We’re going to try and answer that question in video format today. Easter is this weekend, and I think you, the viewing public, have a right to know! Our first video or dog vs Easter … Read moreEaster Bunny vs Dog, FBM 166

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